2022 Canadian stamps subjects

Sat in on a webinar hosted by Canadian Stamps News tonight & they had Canada Post’s Stamp Services Director Jim Phillips on as he is about to retire & he shared most of the list for 2022 - it will be much shorter than 2021 - so here it is - not sure about the order.

Oh and there will be no usual stamp price increase in Jan 2022 - could happen later in the year.

-Black History - Jazz & Blues singers:
Eleanor Collins
Salome Bey

-Flowers - white & deep pink calla lilies

-Organ & tissue donation

-Endangered whales

-Vintage travel posters (5 of them - 1 per region)

-Indigenous leaders (1st year of 2) - 3 stamps, each one chosen by First Nations, Métis & Inuit groups

-Vintage carousels

-50th anniversary of the 1972 Team Canada hockey team

-Canadians in Flight Part 2

-Tommy Prince - Indigenous WWII hero - Remembrance Day

-Truth & Reconciliation stamp

-Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Thanks a bunch for this list! Wonder why they are doing calla lilies again. Wouldn’t it be cool if the organ/tissue one had a QR code that would directly link to a page for you to opt-in as a donor. Did you give ‘em heck for not re-starting the lunar set :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it was a very low key friendly space, not really made for hard questions, lol

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Thank you for sharing @LC-Canada !

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