2021 April Meet-up

:world_map:  CITY/REGION: Hong Kong
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: Mong Kok
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: 11 April 2021, 14:00
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN: Gatherings, Writing postcards

Springs has arrived!
Let’s Meet-up !
We will have a Meet-up on 11 April 2021.
lf you want to get our Meet-up card, please email to : reberene@gmail.com


Здравствуйте. Очень понравилась открытка с цветами. Хотелось бы получить такую. Что для этого нужно сделать?

I have emailed you

Hi @reberene and everyone who attended this meeting! We just wanted to say thank you for the lovely pineapple bun with butter postcard we received from it :slight_smile: We’re a bit sad we didn’t get to try it while we were there… something for the next visit, for sure!

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