20 August 2023 - Chennai Postcrossing Meetup - Releasing Postcard For “Madras Day”

:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Gandhi Mandapam, Sardar Patel Rd, Guindy National Park, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600022.
:calendar: DATE: 20.08.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 04.00 PM Onwards
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Releasing Postcards featuring Madras in its Iconic style.

Dear Postcrossing Enthusiast,

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to all postcard lovers and stamp collectors for a special meetup on August 20, at the iconic Gandhi Mandapam in Guindy, Chennai, as we celebrate the cherished Madras Day!

Join us as we gather to share our passion for postcards, cultural exchange, and the fascinating art of storytelling through snail mail. This meetup promises to be a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, make new friends, and discover the joy of connecting with people from around the world.

We look forward to celebrating Madras Day with all of you and making this meetup a memorable one for our global postcrossing community. Your presence and passion for postcards will add magic to the event!

Let’s come together and make this Postcrossing Meetup in Chennai a grand success!

Kindly fill this form to confirm your presence: https://forms.gle/fm6eovFAZ9jwkGQJ9

Location: Google Maps

Best regards,
Mouli Priya PC,
+91 8148566110


I’m Eagerly Waiting For This Meet Up. Happy Postcrossing And Happy Madras Day​:heart_eyes::love_letter::heart_eyes_cat:


Wow, looking forward to know. More about madras…
Super excited :green_heart:


Sensei…:tada::tada: I’m excited!!!


looking forward to celebrate city’s day


i like this card.can we swap?


I like this postcard :+1:
Can we swap with anybody?)


Yes we can swap
Sending Pm :blush:

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Hello Team. Really thrilled to know about this meetup.
Im hoping to attend this meetup with few other friends…

We will be using our own cards as well for the meetup, as per the approved guidelines of PC Community. Anyone can bring their own card and the organisers can’t FORCE anyone to buy only their card.

Sharing a card for Ref. Beautifully crafted by artist Jency.


Dear Admin.
Sorry to bother you.

Are the participants of this meetup allowed to carry any cards to the meetup, as per the PC Community guidelines?

OR the participants MUST BUY CARDS ONLY from the ORGANISERS? The organisers CLAIM THEIR CARD AS ONLY OFFICIAL MEETUP CARD that will be signed… and saying BEWARE OF OTHER CARDS, and THEY CANT BE SIGNED at this Meetup.

Is there anything called as Official card with respect to meet ups in Postcrossing community? Few of us want to attend this meetup along with our own set of cards and get them signed.

Kindly advise and need suggestion as to how to take this forward.


Hello Peevee uncle,
Happy to hear that you are interested in attending our meetup😊

You can bring any of your cards to our meetup and show to everyone. You are welcome :hugs:

But we have unanimously decided not to sign the other postcards, as we got huge response for our design & meet-up and also the number of original meet-up cards that postcrossers bought from the organizers who have registered the meet-up exceeds 600 till now. We also have less time in the venue. Hope you will understand.

But still you can take and come any of your cards. Show/sell or do anything. We are not forcing you😃 but the point is signing.

Thanking all the senior Philatelists, postcrossers and well wishers Who have supported us :love_letter::hugs:

Once again, we are welcoming you Mr.Peevee uncle :pray:


Thanks for making time to reply.

I’m wondering if its within the Guidelines of PC Community, that ONE CAN UNANIMOUSLY(?) DECIDE NOT TO SIGN OTHER POSTCARDS? After all its a Postcrossing Meetup and not your personal meetup at home.

I will wait for Admin @mundoo to respond.


I agree, everyone should be allowed to be given the opportunity to get any of their cards signed at PC meet-ups. I don’t think it is in the spirit of postcrossing for the hosts to gate-keep which postcards get to be signed and which don’t. If number is an issue, the host can take a call to limit the number of cards each person can get signed, but restricting the card to be used for signing is just not fair.


Hello Peevee sir!

I’m very much happy that you are interested in attending our meetup.

Sorry for being unclear, we didn’t resist any of the postcrossers to sign other postcards.

As speaking out in your way of pointing out the guidelines!
#1 - be friendly and kindly
#8 - While it can be fun to write some postcards during the meetup, please be considerate and try to limit the number of postcards you ask others to sign: allow postcrossers time to chat and be social as well. Organizers may set a maximum number of postcards per participant.

Thus, as I’m the organiser of the meet up. I want to make few points clear to you!

We have planned the meet up in a government public place. There are few rules to be followed to maintain the decorum. You can join the meetup and can have fun with our youngsters who are passionate in postcrossing. We are not gathering to sign the postcards alone. We want the postcrossers to get socialised and share their journey of postcrossing and about the purpose of gathering. We want to have friendly connection with all the participants.

As already, Postcrossers who are attending the meetup have bought more cards and time will be insufficient for us to sign those cards itself. And I can limit the cards to be signed by the postcrossers. (Refer point 8)

Hope being a senior postcrosser and a citizen. You will be understanding the scenario.

Happy Postcrossing! :love_letter:


Yes, you have exactly pointed it out Ms.Liya :blush:

As majority already agreed for this guidelines for peaceful conduct of the meet-up, we are not forcing anyone who are not agreeing with this to attend this meetup. Chill!! Happy Madras day 2023 :heart:


YES, I’m with you Madam.

Say 10 cards per participant… or 1 card per participant… It should be common for all participants. You can’t say 100 cards for one participant and 2 cards for an other participant.

As per the note shared above, you guys have unanimously decided that NO OTHER CARDS WILL BE SIGNED…

If a Postcrosser who is attending the meetup with his own card… just 1 card for argument sake, as per your unanimous decision, you will NOT ALLOW the postcrosser to get that card signed? THATS AGAINST the PC guidelines.

Lemme wait for the admins update.


This topic was brought to my attention I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the Meetup Guidelines, in particular:

During meetups, sometimes postcards are written, signed, and mailed by the participants to send greetings to others: these are called meetup postcards. Any participant can bring their own postcards or create custom meetup cards for others to send from the event, if they wish. When using the Postcrossing logo, the Logo Guidelines need to be followed.

Any postcard sent from a meetup is a meetup postcard. Any participant can create a meetup postcard when following the Logo Guidelines — the right to create a meetup postcard is never reserved to meetup organizers. Meetups are community events.

Nobody is forced to sign postcards at a Postcrossing meetup — meetups should be primarily social events, not signing marathons. However, openly discriminating against not signing one person’s postcards (as a group) would be against the first rule of the Meetup Guidelines. Don’t do that.

Lastly, I also want to clarify that the Meetup Guidelines allow the organizer to limit the maximum number of postcards to be signed by each participant — not which postcards can be signed. Said limit applies to everyone the same way and should be clearly announced.

I hope this helps clarify any misunderstandings on this topic.


I agree with your point of limit the no of cards used in the meetup. You can’t limit the type of cards to be used in the meetup. It is the participants wish to use the cards . What is the point of getting the card & showing it to you and members & getting it back home.

When you are organising event please consider all the points in common to all , stop spreading hated message in the public forum and behave like responsible citizens to educate people on the beautiful activity as a organisers.

Many Many congratulations Guys


Hello🙂 I’d love to swap.
Hugs from Poland, Joanna