20 April 2024 - Beverly, MA Meetup at Copper Dog Books

I’m not sure the ettiquette on Meet Up Cards yet. Do you only send them directly from the meet up and just guess how many slots you’ll have open on the day of the event? or can I say 5 and if I only have 3 at the meet up save my other two for regular postcrossing?

Also, I am still building my Postcard collection up for when people like specific types of cards, I don’t have a huge selection but would anyone like to maybe trade some cards at the meet up? Right now I’m just leaning into ‘it’s about the connection not the card’ but it’s nice to send people a thing they will like.

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Usually many/most of the meetup cards are signed or stamped by all members present. People often say ahead of time how many they want and offer some payment for them to the person who organizes the cards. I’m going to put out an ask about that to everyone today now that we’re about a week out and people have a pretty good idea if they’re coming or not. People take home the cards - signed or not - to use for the names they pull themselves. We can’t pull names as a group to send, each of us has to pull our own names, whether it’s that day or not. We can also organize some swaps of cards and/or stamps among those who come, which I’ll also do. Thanks for these reminders. I’ve only been to a couple of meetups myself!

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I’m planning to be there! I’d like 10 meet-up cards if possible! Either is great.


May I please have 5 postcards?

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I sent a PM but I’ll put it here too. I would like 20 cards please.

To answer the previous question, I’ll arrange some swaps in advance for meetup cards. generally on Instagram. I’ll mail some for addresses I’ve pulled in the week before the meetup but I also like to get some extras for addresses I’ll pull in the future that list ‘meetup cards’ on their profiles.

Also, it’s hard to find postcards at 50 cents a piece nowadays. They’re wonderful local cards to have on hand that you can add a personal touch to and say “I attended this meetup.”


Looks like I’ll be able to make it!!!

If I could have ten cards that would be fantastic. Please let me know your venmo and I’ll send $$$ right away!

@fionat - Your cat in your avatar looks exactly like my son’s cat, Jakey. I think he needs a Red Sox hat, too! ^…^


I’d like 15 cards please

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I’m late to the game and I know you’ve already ordered cards. I’d like to come and if you ordered extra I’d love 10 cards. If not, no worries!


That sounds great - not a problem. Enough people ordered that I had to go from 100 to the next level of 250 and I’m doing it tomorrow anyway.

Glad you can come!

Alix Woznick

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend after all. I am in Connecticut helping out my Mom, who had a medical situation earlier this week. I’m sorry to miss it! Koreen

We’ll miss you! Let me know if you still want some meetup card and I can mail them to you!
Alix W.

Alix, thank you for hosting a wonderful meetup. It’s always nice to spend an afternoon with fellow postcrossing members. :blush:

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