2 October 2021 - The 12th meeting of the Zhengzhou postcrossing community

:world_map: PROVINCE: Henan province
:world_map: CITY: Zhengzhou
:pushpin: MEETUP & exhibition PLACE: 1/f, zone C, Sesame Street Park Project, 105 Huashan Road, Central Plain district, Henan Province, China (CN:中国河南省郑州市中原区华山路105号芝麻街公园里项目C区1F)
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00PM (Meetup Time 2021/10/12)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: The 12th meeting of the Zhengzhou postcrossing community will be held at 2021 on Oct 2nd, with meetup scheduled to start at 2 pm and finish at 6 pm. We stamp our postcards, and then we send them to people all over the world in their own way.

We will celebrate World Postcard day


This is our Postcard about world Postcard day


Hi! Nice card! is someone interested in swap? I collect meet-up cards :slight_smile: Here are my cards for swap: на обмен – 370 Bilder | VK


I would love to swap this card with you. can send you this card in return .

best regards

Hi. I want to exchange.


Hi, sorry to see you so late. Yes, of course we can exchange

It’s great! Can you please send me PM with your address and what card do you want to have from me :wink: