2 cards from the same city

Salut :smiley:
Today I received a card from Tyumen, Russia.
2 weeks ago, I received a card from… Tyumen, Russia.

Did you have the same thing happens ? Is it something rare or not ?
Enjoy Summer :sunny:, stay healthy and happy postcrossing :postcrossing:

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Happy Postcrossing! :postcrossing:


If it were Moscow I would say no wonder, but Tyumen seems really strange. Although I once received a hurray message saying that the receiver got two postcards from Cheboksary together or within a short period (I don’t remember now).

Sometimes friends sign up around the same time & that could be why you got 2 cards from the same city or it could just be one of the mysteries of Postcrossing!

That’s a funny coincidence, especially since it’s so close in time. There’s a lot of members in post crossing though so I’m sure it’s not unusual for it to happen :relaxed:

That could have been me.

For a beginner it is quite rare to get two cards from the same place in Russia within a short period, except for St. Petersburg and Moscow. But after some time it gets normal.

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I don’t think I ever sent you postcards. And I found that message, it said “3 postcards from Russia and 2 from Cheboksary”, so they arrived the same day.

You are right. It wasn’t you. And I got just one card from Cheboksary, but I sent one there and one to Novocheboksarsk.

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Yes, it happened to me very recently. I am a low sender (one a week) and so don’t receive too many postcards at one time. But one day this month I had three postcards in my letterbox, and two were from Winnipeg, Canada! Their id’s were only two numbers apart.

This would be an interesting tag. Lol