2 April 2023 - Braveheart Meet-up in Moscow

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Moscow
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: CheckPoint. Myasnitskaya, 17, building 2, Moscow
:calendar: DATE: 02.04.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 13:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: We’re going to celebrate the birthday of Sir William Wallace. The meeting will be held in Moscow on 2nd April! At the meeting, we will get acquainted and talk about the great historical drama film Braveheart directed, produced and starring by Mel Gibson. We will sign two themed postcards prepared for our meet-up with the stars of the film Mel Gibson and Sophie Marceau, play a quiz about the film and do a lottery as well! And we will accompany all of these with delicious tea and coffee.
Here they are the postcards for our Braveheart meeting in Moscow!

Пост обмена можно поискать также в группе: Встречи для счастья\TFH\Почтовый чемоданчик Встречи для счастья\TFH\Почтовый чемоданчик | VK


Замечательная встреча в честь прекрасного фильма!
Я бы обменялась на открытку с Уоллесом)


Добрый вечер! Готова обменять открытку с Уоллесом на эту открытку

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Можно, если размер 13 на 18 см не смущает.

Ищу обмен Anmelden | VK

Не смущает. Мне нравится открытка

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Hello, sorry for bursting in, but I wanted to ask for a swap of these incredible cards. I have different cards for swap, but not all are scanned yet. I can offer the following MeetUpcards from an upcoming Meeting or for example I also have Maxicards or other Cards. Please feel free to PM me, so we can talk about your interests and I may show your pictures of the cards I have. Best regards.

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Тогда договорились, спасибо)
Пишу в личку.

Dear Zandy, I will gladly swap these cards with you. I like your castle meet-up cards. Are you interested in both my cards?

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Oh I’m happy to read this :blush: Yes, if it’s possible I would be happy to exchange both cards.

Hello! I am interested in the Mel Gibson card. Is it possible to arrange a swap if any left? I am from Italy .

I have these cards to swap