1st October 2022 - World Postcard Day Meetup ATHENS

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Athens
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: The Architects of Time cafe
Agion Theodoron Sq. 3
:calendar: DATE: 1 October
:alarm_clock: TIME: 17:00 local time (GMT+3)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Talk, laugh, sign postcards and have a good time. Share experiences about postcrossing or whatever else comes into our mind at the moment

A special meetup postcard will be designed, when it is ready, I will upload it here

Feel free to sign yourselves up,for this event.
How to get there: The cafeteria is located only a few minutes walk from the “Panepistimio” subway/metro station. It is line no.2 (red line). Once you arrive at the station, take the exit for Korai st., and walk until you reach Stadiou st. Cross the road and the park,and then you reach Ag Theodoron Square. There you are!

List of participants


The meetup postcard


Would love to swap for this meet-up card. I’m also attending a meet-up on WPD. Also have many many other cards for swap.


You have a message

Θα έρθω κι εγώ!!

I would be happy to swap with the Luxembourg meet-up I will participate on September 17th

I would love to swap too with a wpd card of belgium from us meeting

All requests for swap that can be achieved, have been answered. Whoever wishes a swap, is advised to look at the postal monitor first, to see if Greece can send to this user’s country

I will also come! Add me to the list Niko!

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hello! what about exchange ?

Θα έρθω κι εγώ! Μη με ξεχάσετε!!! :smile: :wink:

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Όχι βρε,δεν σε ξεχνάμε. Σε έχω προσθέσει στη λίστα ήδη :wink::slightly_smiling_face::wink:

Really? That is awesome!! I will add you to the list immediately

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Update- some things just came up with my university so I’m no longer going to be able to attend and have to cancel my flights. However, I do plan to be back in the summer, maybe I’ll be able to attend a meetup then. My apologies

Can we swap?

Χαιρετισμούς από το Πίττσμπουργκ! I live half of the year here, and the other half in Athens. But I do not return until 17 October :frowning: . So sorry I will miss you all.
Is it possible for you to share the image files from the meetup card, so I can print some?


Γεια σου :blossom: θα είμαι εκεί αλλά δεν ξέρω πως βάζω το όνομα μου στη λίστα των συμμετεχόντων , ευχαριστώ :hibiscus: είναι η πρώτη φορά για εμένα η μήπως ξέρετε από που μπορώ να αγοράσω τα καρτποσταλ του postcrossing meetup ?:hugs:

Βασικά,το έβαλες το όνομά σου,μόνη σου,όταν πάτησες το κουμπί “going”. Απο κει και πέρα,την λιστα την επεξεργάζομαι εγώ, οπότε δεν έχεις να κάνεις κατι παραπάνω.

I would like to ask for a signed card from the meetup please :slight_smile: I can send you a regular card in return. I no longer have meetup cards.

Are you kidding me Phoebe? You are ENTITLED to a meetup postcard. I will personally make sure to have one ready for you. You do not have to send anything.

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