19th Postcrossing Meetup in Xiamen

:world_map:  FUJIAN:
:world_map:  XIAMEN:
:pushpin:  庚号九:
:alarm_clock:  January 23rd,2021:
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN:

Havoc @Esther诗
The Cai’s lacquer thread sculptures of the Xiamen Palace Museum series vividly show the movements of Monkey King making a noise in the Heavenly Palace.

Xiamen aerial night view @Troy_Tao
Following the last bird’s-eye view of Xiamen’s day view, the dimly lit island at night is even more mysterious and will be made into a special day and night 3D card.

The Year of the Ox @Tinn_Puethai
2021 is a year of bullishness. The Xiamen Dialect Fairy Group is bringing Lucky Niuniu to celebrate the New Year. “Li He” is the hello in Southern Fujian dialect.

Xiamen PC anniversary celebration @Esther诗 @Tinn_Puethai
Unknowingly, the China Xiamen PC joint team has spent five years, and the continuous addition of new members has made our collective become better and better.


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