18 June 2023, Museum aan de A meetup in Groningen

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Groningen, The Netherlands
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Museum aan de A, Brugstraat 24, 9711 HZ Groningen
:spiral_calendar: DATE: Sunday june 18th 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30 (see meetup plan also)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

I’m organizing a meetup on sunday june 18th in the city of Groningen.
The meetup will be in the Museum aan de A, formerly known as ‘Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum’. https://museumaandea.nl/

The museum owns a museum ship PW17/Emma. A city boat trip with this ship is available for 12 persons before the actual meeting starts. It’s an unique way to explore the city from the waterside. Look here to get an impression of the ship:

Please note that the seats are from wood and we mostly sit outside. It’s half june so it will probably be good weather but you never know. So bring your raincoat in case of bad weather. There is also a small space inside but to sit there with all of us is way too busy. There is a toilet on the boat, but it’s only for emergencies. Getting on and off the boat is not suitable for people who have difficulties with walking.

12 people van join the boattrip and in total we will be with 20 persons at the actual meetup.

The maximum number of cards you can have signed is 30. You can bring more cards and leave it to the participants to sign more on voluntary basis.

If you sign up for the boattrip I will ask for the payment. International guests can pay me for example with Paypal or cash at the meetup itself.

There is NO LUNCH and there is also no lunch available in our space. But the good news is that we can bring our own food and drinks to the meetup. That’s actually in my opinion not bad because no hussle and stress about allergies etc.

The museum is not suitable for people who have difficulty walking and there is also no elevator in the museum.

Price for the boattrip:
13 euro per person
Meetup only:
0 euro per person

Participants Meetup - Museum - Boattrip PW17/Emma (13 euros):

  1. @Kushboo (Anke) 20 cards
  2. @̶G̶e̶r̶d̶a̶-̶R̶D̶ ̶(̶G̶e̶r̶d̶a̶)̶ ̶2̶0̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ ̶̶̶p̶a̶i̶d̶̶̶
  3. @Jorien (took Gerda’s place) 15 cards paid
  4. @HippieHeart (Suzanne) 15 cards paid
  5. @LiveLaughLoveLeafs (Helen) 50 cards paid
  6. @SusanneMartijn (Susanne) 40 cards paid
  7. @harlingen (Lucie) 5 cards paid
  8. @Anne24 31 cards paid
  9. @Annerie 30 cards paid
  10. @Teadear (Bianca) 30 cards paid
  11. @Jaynillo (Ilse) 5 cards paid + 5 cards
  12. @frysk-famke (Ali) 20 cards paid

Participants Meetup:

  1. @madeofthis (Annalies) 20 cards paid
  2. @itsagoldsky (Jessica) 17 cards paid
  3. @Marika050 (Marika) 5 cards paid
  4. @postcrossingbo (Bo) 20 cards paid
  5. @Lucy73 (Lucy) 5 cards - is not coming -
  6. @Cleo1 (Anja) 20 cards paid
  7. @GeertS 30 cards paid

Plan of the day

10.30 hours: Start boat trip with the PW17/Emma
12.45 hours End boat trip
13.00 hours: Start meetup in the Museum
16.00 hours: End meetup and time to visit the museum
17.00 hours: Museum closed (and we have to be out of there)

Please note:
There is no refund of the money paid for the boatrip if you can’t join after all.
In case the the boat trip gets cancelled due to thunderstorm / fog or for example problem with a bridge then the boat trip will be cancelled and you will get back the money (13 euro) for the boat trip and we go to the meetup only. We can do something together in the mean time in the city if we hear this very late but the museum will do its best to let us know that asap and this probably will not happen but you never know and I want to be as clear as possible.

:ship::anchor: Meetup card :anchor: :seal: :ocean:

This is the meetup card and the price is 60 cents each.

When you order cards I will bring them to the meeting for you.
Meetups cards are only avaliable for people who come to the meetup

Really looking forward to have a nice meeting with you in my beautiful town.
Many greetings :pray: from Anke

Update 7 juni: Ik heb een mail gestuurd over de meeting

The closest parking is this one:
Westerhaven (q-park.nl) The red mark is the parking and the blue is the museum.

Or you can go here:
Museum Centrum (q-park.nl) at the left in blue is the museum, right below is the parking.

You can also park your car outside the city center and then go by bus:
P+R terreinen Groningen - Google My Maps

Bus lines and times:
P+R (qbuzz.nl)

Think also about this:
Groningen Bereikbaar - werkzaamheden aan weg en spoor

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.


That’s a nice place to have a meeting. Can I come for the meeting? I would like the 23 euro trip and 20 cards please. Greetings :raising_hand_woman:

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I’d like to join for just the museum meetup please! :slight_smile:

Oh, and 15 cards please!

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Hoi Anke!!! Ik ben heel graag van de partij op 18 juni❣️ Groetjes, Suzanne ~ HippieHeart

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I love to join the boattrip and like to buy 15 postcards! :raising_hand_woman:t3:

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Ik ben er graag bij incl boottrip

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Ik geef mij op voor de boot en de museum op 18 juni 2023 .

Ik heb er zin in

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Ik wil graag 25 kaarten

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Oh Wat leuk! Ik ga graag naar de meeting, de boottocht is niks voor mij. Daarnaast graag 17 kaarten :wink:

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Goedemorgen :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Bedankt voor het aanmelden! @madeofthis @itsagoldsky en @Gerda-RD @HippieHeart @SusanneMartijn @LiveLaughLoveLeafs incl boottocht. Ik heb nog contact gehad met het museum en we hebben maar een klein gat tussen de boottocht en de meetup . Het schema is aangepast en ik heb nog wat informatie erbij gezet mocht de boottocht onverhoopt niet doorgaan.

Fijne dag!

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Ik wil graag komen maar moet nog even zien of het lukt. Tot hoelaat duurt de meeting/boottrip ongeveer?

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Ik wil graag deelnemen aan de meet-up. Helaas ben ik in de ochtend verhinderd (werk). Graag 5 kaarten
Groet Marika

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Hi Gytha! De meetup is in principe om 16 uur afgelopen (evt uitloop tot 16.30) dan heb je nog tot 17 uur tijd om door het museum te gaan.

Leuk! Ik heb je op de meeting lijst gezet


Ik ben ook graag van de partij. Ik ga mee met de boottocht.
Wil graag 5 kaarten

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Leuk Lucie, je staat er bij :tulip:

Hello ladies! De meetup kaart is klaar :muscle: en staat bovenin het bericht.

Tot nu toe heb ik deze aantallen:

@Gerda-RD 20 :postcard:
@madeofthis 15 :postcard:
@HippieHeart 15 :postcard:
@SusanneMartijn 25 :postcard:
@itsagoldsky 17 :postcard:
@Marika050 5 :postcard:
@harlingen 5 :postcard:

Klopt dit nog nu jullie de kaart gezien hebben? :grin:

Fijne avond :tulip: en groetjes Anke

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Voor mij wel!

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Stuur je m8j 1 tikkie om de 25 kaarten te kunnen betalen, super mooie kaart

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Ik wil er wel 20 van maken, hele toffe kaart! :slight_smile:

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