17th Aug.2022 .China Fuzhou meet-up

:world_map: PROVINCE: Fujian
:world_map: CITY: Fuzhou
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Nanhou Street, Sanfang Qixiang, Gulou District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province,
:calendar: DATE: 17/08/2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: Star from 14:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
1. Group Discussion.
2. Postcards Writing.
3. Sending Postcards.
4. Chatting and make new pen friends.

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Hello. I really want such beauty in the collection. I want to exchange :heart_eyes:
my postcards for exchange are here


Don’t party :neutral_face:, heard that the PC to China was removed from the recipient

Hello, very beautiful postcard, I want an exchange
Postcards can be viewed here
Harry Potter Обмен Гарри Поттер – 138 Bilder | VK
Movies / cartoons / series Обмен:фильмы/мультфильмы/сериалы – 49 Bilder | VK
General exchange Обмен общий – 136 Bilder | VK
Vladivostok and lighthouses Обмен: Владивосток и маяки – 22 Bilder | VK

Which one do you like?

What one do like?


I like the this one.

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I will really like to make a swap on this postcard!
Please find attached my collection, hopw you will find one that you will like!

Hi :slight_smile: I will be glad to swap

Which one do you like?:grinning:

This one :slight_smile:
Did you saw my collection of postcards (link) or it was hidden?

The link is visible again, dear @TatiSum.

Thank you so much!
Have a nice day!

Meetup card.

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Ok, thank you! Will be glad to swap :slight_smile: How we can get the address? Its my first swap on the official swap.

Thank you!

My address is
ul Akademika Yangelya d. 2 kv. 11