17 March 2022 - St Patrick's Day Virtual International Meet-up

Yes, me, too, please - would also love to join, but will only be able to drop in for half an hour or so during my lunch. Thank you for the open virtual meetup!

Hello - I would love to attend the virtual meeting from Texas! It sounds wonderful! I haven’t been to Ireland in several years and would love to connect!

Thank you,

Hello, I would like to join for a virtual beer :slight_smile:

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Hello :wave: Can a postcrosser from Russia be with you?] I have never participated in such events, but I am very interested.

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I would very much like to join this meet-up! / Annika

Hello i would like to join from MD.

You are very welcome to join. I will DM you the dial in details.


You are very welcome to join. I will DM you the dial in details.

Hello there you are very welcome to join us!

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Of course! You are very welcome!

I would love to join as well!

I would love to join from North Carolina, USA! I have Irish ancestors on both sides of my family and love visiting Ireland! Erin Go Braugh :ireland:

I would love to join

Could you add me too? According to my schedule so far, I am able to participate into the meetup

Hi! I would love to join from the USA!

Folks this is the card for the meeting if you would like your signature on the back please send it to me before 9pm Irish time on Sunday.

Thanks to @Loki-the-Wolf for her excellent design work.


Just sent mine. Will you send us the image of the postcard to print it or will you print and we can buy?

Great question. I will have a stock that I will be selling at cost of €0.20 per card including postage. However given the delays in posting to make places, I will also share the PDF file so that you can print your own if you wish. If you will like me to post cards to you then please DM with your address and the number of cards you would like.


I will be there to support you @kodzos

I would like to join.