17 July 2022 - Meetiup for the Day of the Russian Post in Aksai

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Aksai, Rostov region
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Museum complex “Postal station of the XIX century”, Aksai, Budennovsky spusk, 3
:calendar: DATE: July 17, 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
Celebrating the Day of the Russian Post at the Post Museum is a great idea. At the meetup we will sign our postcard for the Day of Post, get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum complex “Postal Station of the 19th century” in Aksai. It will be fun!
!!! The entrance fee to the museum is 60 rubles.


60 рублей, или даром! :grin: Таких цен уже и нет нигде!

Ну мало ли кто-то захочет прийти не из наших, а тут такой сюрприз в виде входной платы) Поэтому и предупреждаю) Народ разный бывает)

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Буду рада обмену))

Здравствуйте! Посткроссеры из России могут поискать обмен в нашей официальной группе. Я думаю Вы обязательно там найдёте обмен. Ссылка на пост обмена - 📬ПОСТ ОБМЕНА📬 Наша очередная встреча.. | Postcrossing Ростов-на-Дону | VK
Яркого и весёлого лета Вам!

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hello, i like your postcard :heart_eyes: can we swap?

genoa spider meetup 23 luglio 2022

my offer, signed and sent after the meetup.
please let me know, thank you very much :smile:

Hello! Yes, no problem, our meet up will be this week on Saturday. I know your address, so later will send you proof. Thanks for swapping! Do you need my address? Or you remember?

thank you very much, teem :heart_eyes:
your postcard will be sent with all the signatures after the meetup, best wishes, stefano :smile:

Thanks my friend! I haven’t yet card, so I will send proof after meet-up

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Hello my friend! Your card is on way! Write me when you receive.

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wonderful, thank you :heart_eyes:

Ищу обмен Fehler | VK