14 July 2024 - Postcrossing Birthday Meeting in Romania

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Timisoara
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Homemade Restaurant - Strada Gheorghe Doja 40, Timișoara 300222 To be confirmed
:calendar: DATE: 14 July 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 13:00 (GMT+2, Romania Timezone)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We plan another postcrossing adventure in Romania! This time in the beautiful city of Timisoara, West Romania, where are also several local postcrossers! Period of the adventure 11-15 July 2024.
We plan to spend few days, most of the already confirmed people will come to Timisoara on 11 July 2024 (Thusrday). On Friday 12 July - we want to rent a bus to go visit Jimbolia (50 km away - approx 1 hour) - there is a memorial house of the Father of one of our members in Bucharest - Radu Stoica; his father Petre Stoica was a Romanian Poet, author of more than 60 poetry books and numerous specialty awards). We will visit the only remaining one Press Museum in Europe, and in JImbolia there are 7 museums!! So, plenty of activities on that day!
Saturday - we will have all day to discover Timisoara, and on Sunday, midday - we will meet in a restaurant to celebrate Postcrossing Birthday and to have a fantastic postcrossing meeting! We will eat something, we will socialize, we will sign cards and we will make new friendships!
On 15 July 2024 (Monday) some of us will go home, some others can still remain to discover amazing Romania!
In order to have a perfect organization (as I always like to have) we must limit the number of participants to maximum 30.
Each participant will be responsible to arrange his accomodation and venue (flight, auto, train or… even boat on Danube river :), but it is mandatory to have upfront confirmation.
You can contact me here or via email - to make your spot reservation.
I already book my room in Savoy Hotel seems nice and cozy.

Till now - pre-launch time - we have following participants confirmed:

  1. Mihnea - aka @mihneaR (Romania)
  2. Cristina - aka @Bluriel (Romania)
  3. Holger - aka @chrisskywalker (Germany)
  4. Bianca - aka @Ale-bia (Romania)
  5. Desislava - aka @ava96 (Bulgaria)
  6. Radu - aka @RaduSt (Romania)
  7. Katrin -aka @Katrin1778 (Germany)
  8. Waltraud - aka @Pelke (Germany)
  9. Inger - aka @Inger71 (Norway)
  10. Michael Gunther aka @Ich_bin_Berliner (Germany)
  11. @manencov (Romania)
  12. @mircealaslo (Romania)
  13. @rainbow50 (Germany)
    14 -16 @ooma +2 (Austria)

and the list is open :slight_smile: Other details will follow and will be updated asap.
In March 2024 I will update about status via email :smiley: till then - if you want to come - please let me know.


Hi! It looks like you chose 2024 in the calendar, but al the other dates in the thread says 2023. Since you just posted this, I guess the meeting is taking place in 2024?!

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I am already on the list but I will be there! :slight_smile:

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I’m in too

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you are right, thank you - I corrected that ::slight_smile: not used yet with 2024 :wink:

Looks like there are still some dates saying 2023, though.

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Oh , indeed 3 times more 2023 instead of 2024. Hope now all is ok :slight_smile:

Anybody? :smiley:


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I will you see

Me…but I’m not yet added to your list

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We booked the Hotel - from 10 to 15 July 2024 - in Timisoara - and you can do that as well: https://www.hotelsavoytimisoara.ro/

Ich bin Berliner is missing on your list. He also belongs to Holger’s gang.:grin:

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@kat99959 maybe can you join? :slight_smile:

I’d love to.
Although I’m not used to planning so far in advance, count me in. Thanks.

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Hi! I would like to register to participate in this meetup! Thank you for organizing it!

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Hello! I want to participate too at this meet-up! PM sent!

Hello Mircea, please send me an email to mihnea.raducu@gmail.com with your data; Name, phone number, and if you come alone or with somebody.

Consider it done! :smiley:

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