13th Int. PC-Meeting Bielefeld, 26.- 29.10.2023 - unfortunately over

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Bielefeld, Germany
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Haus Einschlingen —> http://www.einschlingen.de
:calendar: DATE & TIME: 26th to the 29th of October 2023, arrival starting on Thursday at 3 p.m., departure on Sunday at 3 p.m. UTC+1

13th International PostcrossingMeeting in Bielefeld

Date: 26th October 2023, 15h, until 29th October 2023, 15h.

Location: Bielefeld, Germany - http://www.einschlingen.de

Price: € 135,-- or € 195,–

Two or three overnight stays with full board (breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner) are included.

Dear postcrossing community,

here it comes, our 13th meeting in the romantic town in Westphalia - I hope that all of you will join again… :slight_smile:
The price depends on your date of arrival – 135€ from Friday at 15h or 195€ from Thursday.
To start already on Thursday we need at least 25 people who book from Thursday so it pays off for the keepers of the house. Otherwise we can only start on Friday – but I think we will get enough sign-ups for an earlier start. (You don’t have to decide now when to come – it’s ok when you do this some weeks before the meeting when you make the payment.)
Of course you can bring along your partner – we don’t want to discriminate the non-postcrossers… :wink:

And now an important piece of information:

Twelve times I have organised this meeting for you, and I would love to do it twelve more times or even more, but unfortunately it is not possible for me.

However, this does not mean that our great Bielefeld meeting will die, because I have found a worthy successor.

This year I will post the registration thread in the forum for the last time, everything else will be taken over from now on by dear Bernd aka @Burned . So please don’t send your registrations, room requests and special requests to me anymore, but only to Bernd, you can find his email address below.

But I hope to be there at least for a few hours at every meeting in the future.

Applause for Bernd!!!


The house: Please don’t expect a luxury hotel – it’s more the standard of a youth hostel. Toilets and showers are near the rooms on the same floor. The food is very good (if you wish, vegetarian).
The house has 55 beds (but I can only book 50 because of Corona), almost all double rooms and some triple. This time I expect more people to join so booking single rooms will be almost impossible. I’m sorry, but I cannot give a double room to someone if there are other postcrossers out in the cold on the waiting list.
Also the number of day guests is limited to five – the house is not designed for more than 60 people, sorry.
Please notice: Probably, once again this year there will be postcrossers who consider the application procedure to be very unfair, disagree with the fact that there are only five places for day visitors and that many places are already occupied at the opening of this thread. There will be bad feelings in some of them and maybe I will be insulted again as it has happened before. Since there will always be some postcrossers who think so anyway, this time I’ve taken the lead and have already booked 2/5 of the seats in advance. For all those who are already on the list of participants there is a good reason why they are there - help with the organization and implementation, because they have earned it through something, or in one case even a bet I have lost… :wink:
Thank you for your understanding.
If all places are occupied – don’t be afraid! Just go to the waiting list – last meeting all 31 people from there got the chance to participate! :slight_smile:
There is free WLAN in the house except for the rooms 201-203 on the second floor. Probably we will also have a little guest computer again.
Of course we will do a raffle again – it has become a tradition meanwhile… :wink: If you have something at home you want to get rid off, contribute it as a prize. :wink:
Just like any other meeting I have hosted there I would like to point out this: If you pay and come, than it is YOUR weekend. You don’t have to postcross there. You don’t have to talk. You don’t have to stress yourself. Do what you want to do, just hang out and enjoy YOUR weekend.

If you want to join: Please DO NOT send a PM via Forum but first a mail to BIELEFELD@BURNED.DE including your full address and then post your wish for particicpation here in this thread. Sometime in July/August I will send further information.

You can only sign up for yourself and (maybe) your partner, not for other postcrossers! (except we have talked about this beforehand and Bernd agreed…)

And now: Come on and come!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

++ Teilnehmerliste ++
1 burned DE
1 Nordbaer DE
2 LadyP1964 DE
3 MagicMarie DE
4 Betze DE
5 Lotty BE
6 Reisegern DE
7 Speicher3 DE
8 Mondkind DE
9 Pafel DE
10 Xtlera DE
11 Hexentrio DE
12 Angel84 DE
13 Isagv DE
14 Mondfalke DE
15 Dackelerna DE
16 Duesseljin DE
17 SchusterElse DE
18 Gretel123 DE
19 Manu86 DE
20 B-Engel DE
21 Niklot DE
22 Frewen DE
23 Kugusch DE
24 Linabella DE
25 Friesendeern DE
26 Buebemami CH
27 Knirin DE
28 Knirin2 DE
Knirinchen DE
29 KiwiAngie DE
30 Desmonia DE
31 LyndaC CA
32 Sandra0504 DE
33 Wolfsmondfee DE
34 Wolfsmondfee2 DE
35 Moonlight1978 DE
36 Surika DE
37 Anjamaus DE
38 Nearlyperfect DE
39 manuchka DE
40 AnKaBeGu DE
T ++ Tagesgäste ++
T1 Andrea209 DE
T2 Bambiix3 DE
T3 Durin DE
T4 Eriberry DE
T5 Silkie DE
T5b ettenna09 DE
T6 FredFerkel DE
T7 fraupaula DE

Midnatsol and midnatsol2 would like to come aga

I‘d love to join next year! :tada:

I would like to join !

I would love to join :heart:

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Please add me to the list - Myself and my son would like to come.

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I’d love to join as day guest

If waiting list for day guest is impossible I’d like to jump on the other waiting list.

Ich würde gerne auch dabei sein!
I want to joyn also! :muscle:t2: :four_leaf_clover:

Pls count me in! :slight_smile:

Please add me to the list even if it is already full :slight_smile:

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Please sign me up

Please count me in - thanks!

I would also love to join - put me on the waitinglist please

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Email ist raus :wink:

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass es keine Warteliste für Tagesgäste gibt - ist das diesmal nicht getrennt vorgesehen?

I would like to join.

sent e-mail.

Thank you for taking over from Nordbaer.

@ reiselustig: Die Chance von der Warteliste für Tagesgäste einen Platz zu bekommen ist sehr, sehr gering, nur einmal hatte ich Glück. Deshalb bin ich diesmal auf die andere Warteliste gesprungen, um wenigsten eine größere Chance zu haben. Sollt ich ein Platz ergattern, könnte sich die Zimmernachbarin freuen. Ich schlaf zuhause. :wink:

Talking about Waiting list

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Bitte setze mich auf die Warteliste :hugs: