13.03.2021 Maslenitsa meet-up in Saint-Petersburg

:world_map:  Saint-Petersburg
:pushpin:  Teremok, Nevsky Prospekt, 60
:alarm_clock:  March 13, 14:00
:page_facing_up:  We plan to eat many pancakes, communicate and sign postcards:)

Sorry, but we have some restrictions due to the Covid-19 situation.

  1. The maximum number of participants is 15 people, at the moment, all seats are reserved.

If you want to come to our meeting, please write to the organizer in private messages, if we will have a free place, we will let you know.

  1. Please do not come to our meeting if you are not completely healthy, even if you just have a runny nose!

  2. Please take with mask and antiseptic.

Organizer meet-up vk.com/club_postcrossing


Wow the card is fantastic. Is it possible to receive it in a swap??? :grinning:


Is anyone willing to swap this lovely meetup card?

Hi meet up in St. Petersburg!
I have 2 kinds of postcards from March 14 meetup in Guangzhou, China.
Would you like to swap with me?

Здравствуйте!)) хотела бы обменять на открытку-блинчик. Вот мой обменник https://m.vk.com/album188388764_256309145

Unfortunately I was not able to swap with Beatitudinem…

Maybe someone else who attended the meeting would like to swap the round card???

Please contact me!!! :grinning:

Hello :wave: where can I see your offer?

I sent you a PM! :grinning:

Здравствуйте! если у Вас есть открыточка на обмен - напишите мне, пожалуйста. Мой обменник: https://vk.com/album7986078_275651957 С уважением,Зоя

Dear Olga (and everyone who participated on this meeting),

Thank you so much for the postcard you’ve sent us from this meeting to Postcrossing’s PO box! :heart_eyes: The illustrations are lovely and the shiny foil is stunning too. We hope you all had a nice time eating pancakes together!

Hi Ana,

We are very happy that you received our postcard “pancake”:slight_smile:

@Beatitudinem.привет не осталось случайно открыточки на обмен? https://vk.com/album596920062_278736137

Не осталось свободной открытки на обмен???:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Вроде написала Вам в личку, но почему-то у себя в отправленных не вижу сообщение. Напишите мне в личку, если не получили сообщение от меня