12 October 2024 - UNESCO Rhaetian Railway Albula/ Bernina Landscapes (RhB) - MEETUP

:world_map: CITY/REGION: CHUR, Switzerland to TIRANO, Italy and back
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Chur, Switzerland, Train station platform (not yet known)
:calendar: DATE: 12 October 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 08.10 Uhr (the train leaves at 08.28 am sharp)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Having a good time, good views & signing postcards

11.07.2024 - IMPORTANT: I got a cancellation, there is a spot available!

Recently I attended a steam train meeting in Bauma/ Hinwil, Switzerland, which brought me to the idea of organizing a Meetup in the famous Bernina Express Panoramic Train from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy. This train ride is listed as Dossier 1276 with the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. For more information see: Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Departure Chur at 08.28 am
Arrival Tirano at 12.49 pm

Roughly 1.5 hours to stroll through Tirano and enjoy a little bit of “Italianità”, un gelato maybe?

Departure train station Tirano at 14.24 pm
Arrival in Chur at 18.22 pm

Please take your own lunch/drinks with you, so you have your time in Tirano to move your legs. Apart from the Meetup cards you can order via me, you might want to take some more cards with you since we have a lot of time to enjoy our common hobby.

For participants that have a long trip to Chur, here a few hotel suggestions for a possible overnight stay in Chur:

a) Hotel Stern, Chur
b) Hotel Post, Chur
c) Hotel Freieck, Chur
d) Hotel abc, Chur
e) Franziskaner Hotel, Chur
f) the list is of course much longer and it’s up to you to choose

I have reserved a whole train wagon 1st class and can accept a maximum of 28 person (Dec 2023 new regulation, until 31.12.2023 34 person.

CHF 230.20 - cost for an adult
CHF 151.20 - cost for an adult with Halb-tax
CHF 72.00 - Swiss residents with GA/ Büga/ Juniorkarte/ Kindermitfahrkarte (1st class)

Meeting Card – in preparation – keep checking!

The postcards we sign can only be posted when we are back in Switzerland (Exception you organise Italian postal stamps beforehand, first inquiries have shown that the post office in Tirano closes on a Saturday at 12.30pm).

I do not offer SWAP-cards but rather let my cards travel the official way.

In order to make it onto the list of participants (also partners are accepted) you have to pay for the ticket cost and will then added to the list of participants. I will also have a waiting list (if needed), so if anybody can not make it, the money is not lost. Who wants to be on this fantastic train ride, enjoy stunning views, pass 42 tunnels/ covered galleries and 144 viaducts and bridges and at the same time sign hundreds of postcards?

1. @Zastia
2. Zastia (partner)
3. @sophia2013
4. @murgtal
5. murgtal (partner)
6. @amy666
7. @Sausi
8. @Turtlefan
9. @Kushboo
10. @Hermelina63
11. Hermelina partner
12. @frysk-famke
13. @Pistenqueen
14. @TanParm
15. TanParm partner
16. @papapaff
17. papapaffs-wife
18. @marupiter
19. @sarasweetz
20. @msmon
21. @ecchymoses
22. @Herkules
23. @Katrin1778
24. @Chumana
25. Chumana partner
26. @Verabella
27. Verabella partner

14.01.2024: Unbelivable but the meeting is sold out, I will have a waiting list in case somebody can not make it.

waiting list:

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.


I’m interested, and would like to bring a partner along! It’s always been a dream of mine to travel this route and I am planning my travel for next year. I’m from the US, though, so what would be the best way to pay?


One time on board, always on board. :heart:

@pistenqueen great will count you in provisory atm :cherry_blossom:!

I love to join !
Thank you for the GREAT idea!
:pray: :+1:

@sausi, glad you are also joining. let me know when you have transferred the ticket cost and you will be added to the list of participants :wink:

Hello Anita @Zastia

Great idea :ok_hand: I drove with this Train in 2010

CHF 206.00 - cost for an adult
CHF 128.00 - cost for an adult with Halb-tax
What does half-tax mean?
How do I pay to be added to the list?

Greetings from Germany.

Hi SylviaAugustin
Many thanks for getting in touch. A Halb-tax is a card you buy (currently CHF 165.00/year) and then you get all the tickes at a reduced price during that year.
You can pay by bank transfer or I am currently installing pay pal.
Looking fwd to hear from you Anita

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PayPal sounds like very good :blush:

Hello dear Anita, I would love to join. What a great experience :steam_locomotive:
I have Paypal :tulip:
Many greetings from Anke

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Hi Anita,
I want to join with hubbie.


This sounds wonderful. Thank you for organizing! I’ve twinted you the money.

Hello, my name is Ali (frysk-famke) from the Netherlands and I would like to sign in for this meetup. I have paypal. Kind regards, Ali

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many thanks for the transfer! good night, slaap lekker

Hoi Anita
would love to join with my partner so if I could already reserve two places? That would be great! A wonderful idea!
Waiting for your feedback!
Have a great day!

Great you want to come to with your partner. If you already bring the ticket (1st class please) you still have to transfer CHF 48.00 for the panorama wagon reservation OR your transfer me the price for the tickets (mentioned above). Twint is perfect. Once you have sent the ticket price you will be noted as participant.
Thank you and looking forward to meeting you Anita/ Zastia

Hello Anita
What a nice Idea. I’d like to come to this very speciall meeting together with my husband.
Where can I pay our traincosts? (1/2-Tax and GA 2. Klasse) Many greetings

Hello Anita @Zastia,

meine Frau, @papapaffs-wife, und ich würden auch gerne teilnehmen.
Ich habe PayPal.

LG Martin

Count me in +1 :steam_locomotive:

Awesome and thank you for pmt :smile: