11 July 2021 - Zhongshan - Jiangmen Meetups 2021| The 4th Meetup in Guzhen,Zhongshan,CHINA


❁"Visibility of Xijiang River"
Zhongshan - Jiangmen Meetups 2021❁
Zhongshan and Jiangmen are separated by a thin strip of water and have a deep connection. A hundred years ago, when the Revolution of 1911 broke out, Sun Yat-sen from Xiangshan(Zhongshan) in Guangdong and Leung Kai Chiu from Xinhui(Jiangmen) in Guangdong made great contributions to the revolution. A hundred years later, Zhongshan and Jiangmen have become hub cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with obvious geographical advantages and a solid industrial technology foundation. In order to strengthen cultural exchanges between the two places, enhance the influence of the postcards culture of the two places in the country, the postcards enthusiasts from the two places decided to hold “Visibility of Xijiang River” Zhongshan - Jiangmen Meetups 2021. The postcards used in these meetups were designed by postcard lovers from the two places, which showed the bold attempts and innovations of the postcard lovers on POSTCROSSING. I hope you can put forward valuable comments on these meetups, the postcards business of Zhongshan and Jiangmen will continue to develop and grow.

 CITY: Guzhen Dist., Zhongshan City
 MEETUP PLACE: Star Alliance Plaza
 DATE: 11 July, 2021
 TIME: 14:00 UTC+8:00

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