10 September 2022 | Postcrossing meetup in Xiamen, Fujian province · Mid-autumn Festival&Teacher‘’s Day

:world_map: PROVINCE: Fujian
:world_map: CITY: Xiamen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Ten o‘clock book,Zhonghua city(Subway Zhenhai)
:calendar: DATE: 10 September
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Mid-autumn Festival&Teacher‘’s Day

You may also bring your own postcards for friends. All participants can write on it. It will be better to contact with Esther (wechat:1326242313 (note: PC meetup))in advance before you plan to join.

#Ask for the meetup card
Send mail to @厦门话仙联名团 at weibo,@Postcrossing_Xiamen at Instagram or @Esther Chan at Facebook plz. Thank u for all.

By Xiamen Postcrossing Meetup


I will be glad to exchange ))

Please give at least 14+ days notice of future meetings.

Giving 3 days notice is not enough time for any prospective member to attend or guarantee that the event will get added to the calendar in time.

Thank you for liking our card,but I can’t see anything in the net. Would u mind sending me the address in Messages?I‘ll send one for you.

Thank u for reminding me.I will try my best to decide to hold a meetup at least 14+ days ago. good day.

I would like to exchange
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Hello, very beautiful postcards, I want an exchange
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