10 February 2024 - Tampa, Florida, USA meet-up

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Tampa, Florida
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: 4017 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar, FL 34677
:calendar: DATE: February 10, 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: Noon EST
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: I will order more Tampa Meet-up cards. Thinking of another design than the Ybor, Tampa mural, so any help or ideas for these next postcards is appreciated.

The image is information about the local postcard club.
I’ll bring like 200 postcards and be inviting fellow Floridians on postcrossing, but all are welcome. These postcards are free, but many times people will give me money ($10 for like 15) anyways, so…that’s up to y’all.
A few bring stamped signatures and I bring multiple colored pens for colorful signatures. The meet-up is always about an hr long from 12-1.
There will be other postcard enthusiasts there too. It’s a big room on the bottom floor of a Hilton.
I hope to see y’all there.

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Hey :-}

I’m new to this website. Sent a couple of postcards but awaiting replies.

I’m in Lake Wales, FL in Polk County. I get to Tampa from time to time, mainly to see metal shows at the Orpheum and the Brass Mug. Do you ever go to shows at these?


No, personally sometimes I go to Ybor in Tampa because we have an Improv comedy club there.
I’d recommend it for good laughs.

I live in Zephyrhills.

Hey, Candis,

Jayne here — I found some great images on the Visit Tampa Bay website – I’ll send to you if I can find your email. Ybor streetcar / Gasparilla -

I called them, and they said ok to use as long as we credit the photographer, so I’d be glad to make them up, if you like?
Let me know.

It would make me very happy if you made/ordered the postcards. Thanks in advance.
Also, I got your postcard and wasn’t planning on going to the Deland postcard club get together in January. I can’t find the invite among my postcards library right now. But I think I have a race then.

I have just started Postcrossing and would like to attend the meet up. Thea


I’ve got it on my calendar.

Hi there! Excited for this! :0)

Have you made any postcards yet?
I may make and order some anyway, since I’m not sure if you have.

How do we sign up

You don’t have to sign up.
Just show up at the Hilton hotel at noon. It’s on the first floor, you walk in go right and soon it’s in a room on your left.

And there’s like $3 admission fee to the postcard club I think. I just ordered 100 postcards yesterday.

I would love to swap for your meet up card.
If anybody interested, Here is my offer.,
Please send me a pm. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely, we can trade. We will have three types of meet-up cards because I wasn’t sure if Jayne was gonna make them.
Then she did the next morning.
So we will have plenty of cards to share!

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I joined Postcrossing last September and have not been to a meet-up before. I have a name stamp, and I can bring postcards to trade–is there anything else I should know about, or something else to bring?

Hi, Annie and look forward to seeing you in Oldsmar on Saturday at noon.

JUST FOR OTHERS INTERESTED - since it was posted quite a long time ago:


    show begins at 9:00am so you are welcome to come early and browse/buy post cards - some of the vendors have 25 cent cards and love postcrossers!

*BUT the postcrossers won’t meet until 12pm - Noon - we’ll meet at a table - MARKED with “POSTCROSSING” sign - inside the show/sale of the Sunshine Post Card Club.

If you have your own stamp/colored marker - bring along to sign many cards. Candis brings along colored markers, too.
Bring cards to trade/share, if you like - we also usually have a prize drawing, so feel free to bring an item to throw into the drawing pot - postcards/stamps/mail or postcard related items.

There is also a postcard vendor named Dana who will trade your used/received postcards (he is looking for interesting stamps but wants them to remain ON the postcards). You give him your received postcrossing postcards you no longer want to save and he’ll give you that many cards in exchange.

It’s fun - hope to see you there on Saturday!


I’m so excited to be there tomorrow! I had a great time at our last Postcrossing Meet-up!

FYI if you bring a printout of tomorrow’s advertisement, you get $1 off the entrance.
*** I’m bringing my sister tomorrow! she’s now hooked like the rest of us :slight_smile:

I miss the Tampa postcard shows and meet-ups already! I hope you all had a good time yesterday and found some treasures at the show :slight_smile: