1 October 2023 - Happy World Postcard Day 2023 Meetup - Petaling Jaya

CITY/REGION: Petaling Jaya, Selangor
MEETUP PLACE: Stickerrific
31-G Block C Jaya One, No.72A Jalan Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
DATE: 1 October 2023
TIME: 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Let’s meet up and celebrate World Postcard Day.

12:30 PM ---- Have lunch together at Nando’s Jaya One (optional). After lunch, go upstairs to Stickerrific.

1:30 PM ------ Postcard shopping at the stationery store.

2:00 PM ------ Meetup in a private room at Stickerrific where we can sign postcard, chat, play games…

The space is limited to 16 -18 people. Please RSVP to secure you seat.
Let me know if you are joining us for lunch by 23 Sep 2023.

Illustrated by Zhi Ting
Cost per card: RM1.00
Last order date: 2 September 2023

*Only participants and those on waiting list can order meetup card.

Suggested items to bring:
Pen, small name stamp, other postcards to sign in meetup, stamps, postcard collection to share, sticker.

Note: I hope you can buy something at the store, as the store owner offers us the space for free.


  1. Munzai :poultry_leg:
  2. p_wennn11
  3. ept86
  4. swwng
  5. dieya
  6. alyysmail
  7. cheewei
  8. sllim :poultry_leg:
  9. laaarseeen
  10. zurasayang77
  11. annieleesm
  12. cheezyhoe2006
  13. Admiralmun :poultry_leg:
  14. Spikeyspikey
  15. yeyun3207778
  16. shyangying22
  17. joeonn :poultry_leg:

I would like to join!


Please click “Going” on meetup title

Hi, i am interested in joining. I have already clicked going. Thanks.

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Interested plan,will join the lunch.

Updated 08 Aug 2023: if someone really really like to join the 2pm meet up in private room section I decide for sacrifice my seat because I am rushing to go back Penang and my side only join for lunch.
Please get waiting list for fulfill it.
And all members attend have to leave contact for me already okay.

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Would like to join for lunch as well. Have clicked going. Thanks

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I would like to join :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I would like to join :blush:

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Hi. Would like to go. Click going already. Maybe can join for lunch.

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Please vote if you are interested in attending

Hi, I would love to join this meetup. It’s my first time joining these kind of meet up for postcrossing so is there any rules? do’s or don’t?

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Hi Taja,

Be friendly and respectful =)
Which date you prefer to join? Please vote.

Hi @Munzai , I would love to join the meetup! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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i just found out there is such event! im not sure whether its something i would enjoy but i thought why not try if im able ? ;w;

I would love to join.

@aiko25 @marypiglauyu Sorry, shop owner just told me that she will charge us if add extra session.

Oh that’s sad :frowning: Please let me know if it will be available slot for the Oct 1 event.

Ok, you are third on the waiting list.

Hello everone! I am interested to join, please let me know if it is still possible :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi, i would like to join this event, pls let me know if still have available slot, thank you~