1 October 2022 - World Postcard Day @ Beverly MA Public Library

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Beverly, Massachusetts (Near Boston)
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Beverly Public Library, 32 Essex St., Beverly MA 01915 USA
:calendar: DATE: Saturday, Oct. 1
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00 am - 12:00 noon EDT
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Celebrating World Postcard Day. There will be some of the official postcards to give away, and I’ll be telling people about Postcrossing to encourage them to sign up. We’ll have a table for making postcards (including with kids) and a table for people who want to swap some cards.


I would love to exchange this card.

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thanks for organizing this, alix! :two_hearts:
still double-checking my availability for this weekend but tagging folks from the last meeting thread: @volvomom @gibsonpark @kristencat @theJCAtx @MrsForrest @Msnik @reverebeachdweller @fionat @Exceptionalistan @bm123i @Irishmare @Socraju (sorry if i missed any one!)

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I will be there!

I hope to make it. Will give a definite yes or no in the next couple weeks. Will there be meet up cards with the postcrossing logo as well?

Thanks! Sorry I missed the Boston meeting recently!

No meetup cards, just the 2022 World Postcard Day cards for this.

Won’t be able to make it now. :confused: So sorry! I hope you all have fun and big hugs to everyone.
~ Harley

I would love to be a receiver of one or both of these cars please? I can trade!

How about a post card day meet in western part of Massachetts? Hampshire/Hampden county area/s?

Hi there. I won’t be able to make this meetup, sadly. I hope that you all have a great time! Happy World Postcard Day!

Would like to exchange the cards for Delhi WPD meetup cards 2022
Delhi meetup card 2

I will be posting them on OCT 1
Interested in this swap?
Please PM me before OCT 1! :cherry_blossom:

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for anyone coming from the south/boston area, i am planning to take the commuter rail up to beverly, next saturday! happy to meet folks at north station if you want to join me. :blush:

Here is a little more info and clarification on this event.

It is at the Beverly Public Library at 32 Essex St. in Beverly MA, although most people enter from the parking lot entrance on the Winter St. side of the building. I recommend you put Winter St. into your GPS. It’s only 1 block long so you can’t miss the library.

There will be 100 of the official World Postcard Day cards to be given out. 1-2 will be given to each person who comes. The event is scheduled to end at 12 noon, so if there are still some leftover at noon, we will potentially give out some more out at that time.

There are no meet-up cards specific to this event, only the World Postcard Day cards.

Postcrossers are invited and welcome to this event and there will be a separate table for Postcrossers (and the Postcrosser curious!) but this event is a bit broader than a regular Postcrossing meetup.

There will also be a table for people (including families with children) who want to make their own postcard, with some basic supplies (postcards, markers, stickers, etc.) and information about how to address and send a postcard – lots of kids don’t know how to do this or how much cards cost to mail!

There will be a table for swapping cards. I’ll put some of my own out and hope others might bring some cards to swap.

Finally, I will create a table with some of my own received cards on display and information about how to sign up for Postcrossing and how it works, for those who are interested. I hope that Postcrossers who come might also be able to help show (indoctrinate?) some newbies about how it works.

If you would like to take public transportation, the MBTA commuter rail has a stop in Beverly (also called Beverly Depot). The Beverly Public Library is 0.6 miles from the train station – a pretty easy 10-15 min. walk on a decent day. There is a train at 9:30 from Boston that arrives in Beverly at 10:04. If you want to come a bit earlier there is a train at 8:30 that arrives at 9:04. There are a few cafes very close to the library on Cabot St. so you can easily stop in one of those or just browse in the library (which opens at 9am) before the event starts at 10. There are nearby options after the event for lunch or for an impromptu extended meetup (I recommend Atomic Cafe for this – they have some big tables).

To come by train, take a Newburyport or Rockport train from North Station. You can get a $10 unlimited ride weekend fare. Note that starting on October 1, there will be fare gates up and in use at North Station. You may want to download the app so you can buy your ticket online ahead of time, but I think there are other options including buying a ticket at North Station.

The stop right before Beverly is in Salem – Haunted Happenings will have just started. If you take the commuter rail you could consider stopping in Salem to take a look. It’ll be busy but not terrible yet (late October is nuts). But do not drive into Salem unless you are prepared for bad traffic and high parking prices. There are a bunch of places in Salem to buy postcards because there are a lot of tourists who go to Salem. I can direct people to those if you are interested.

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Glad you’re planning on coming! I posted some more details about the event just now.


No, only the official 2022 World Postcard Day cards, 1-2 to each person who comes.

Oh I wish I had seen this sooner, was in the Boston area a few weeks back but hope to get there again soon
Have fun everyone - sending great wishes from the Berkshires :maple_leaf: