1 November 2020 - Halloween postcrossing meetup in Kaliningrad

:world_map:  CITY/REGION: Kaliningrad, Russia
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: Anticafe Sukhomyatka. Address: Kaliningrad, Leninsky Avenue, 5g
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: 01.11.2020 13.00

We’re preparing the special designed Halloween themed meetup cards!

Social network link: https://vk.com/kaliningradpostcrossingclub

I hope to see you there! :jack_o_lantern:

If you want to swap please link your swap albums in the comments :slightly_smiling_face:


Awwww, I wish I could! Damn virus!
If anyone wants to send me a card from the meetup it would make me very happy. I can send a postcard in exchange!

The card looks so good
I request any of the members who attend to kindly swap with me for a postcard in exchange

Wonderful card !!!
I would really love to receive one, would someone like to trade?
My offer: https://vk.com/album219122754_265001847

Fantastic postcard. :love_letter:

I would like to receive this postcard. Can we swap, please?

Hi, very cool postcard, maybe someone would like to exchange it for our counter postcard?


I would also Love to swap a meetupcard. Thanks :slight_smile:

с удовольствием бы обменялась на открытку с московской встречи! ее фото смогу прислать

Hello, I would like to swap your Meetingcard. I can offer Meeting Cards from Germany. Is anybody interested in swapping with me ? Julia