1 June 2024 - Dragon boat festival meet-up Amsterdam

I’d love to join please :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:
Thanks :gift_heart:


Thank you

Please can I come on the waitinglist?

I would like to be on the waitinglist please.

Can i get on the waiting list,plz?

I can not coming to your Meting in Amsterdam , i go to Harlingen meetup on 1 -6-2024

Susanne Martijn

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Hello! I will put you in the waiting list when there’s someone cancel :wink: Thank you !

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I wrote ‘with a reserve’ (‘ovb’) but happily I can come for sure😃
Looking forward!


I will make someone happy on the waitingslist, I have to cancel this meeting :confused:

Glad to know that! Looking forward to meeting up soon :slight_smile:

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I see, thank you so much for letting me know!

Can you put me on the waiting list. Marieke

Sorry,i have to cancel this meeting. So there’s a spot for someone else.

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Unfortunately I have to cancel this meetup.

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I’m sorry I have to cancel :sob: hope to see you all another time!