(1 free spot!) 4 May 2024! Meeting Schiermonnikoog

We know this is early, but due to popular demand (and hotel reservations~), the next date was set.

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Schiermonnikoog, the Netherlands
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Hotel van der Werff, Reeweg 2, 9166 PX Schiermonnikoog
:calendar: DATE: 4 May 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We meet up at 11 AM at Hotel van der Werff. In front of the hotel is a small music tent called ‘Het Beukenootje’ where we will get together. After we all met up together we can either do card shopping or, for those who are willing, go for a bike ride around the island.

At 13.00 we will meet each other at the Berkenplas for lunch and card writing. They have been welcoming us for years and love to see us again.

As always I want to organize a dinner for the people who wants to as well. But as it is the 4th of May and there is Dodenherdenking I suggest eating at 17.30. I want to suggest “De Ware Jacob” they are fast and the ‘Dodenmars’ that’s going to the Vredehof for Dodenherdenking is going straight past that restaurant, so for those who want to join it, it’s easy to join after dinner. And I know from the past years that people would love to join this :slight_smile:


The price of the cards will be €0,50 per card.

The lunchroom is best reached by bike, and it might be nice to go over the island after lunch and write for the people who want to. It is a nice island, but it is mainly made for bikes.

In case you are not able to walk or cycle long, there are several options on the island to join for the meeting as well!
There is a tandem bike specially made for people who are disabled. If you need this, tell me and I’ll make sure it is reserved for the date.
Another option is a scoot mobile which can be rented at Soepboer. Also, make sure to be on time to make a reservation.

There are also 2 taxi services on the island in case you can’t walk or be on a bicycle at all.

Last meeting was perfectly fine with 30 people, so I will put a max on 30 people again!
Do know that you bring small stickers and stamps! Bigger ones won’t fit unfortunately :<
Who’s going to come?

  1. Gait (Gytha)
  2. MariekeSchier (Marieke)
  3. Roelie (Roelie)
  4. Annerie (Annerie)
  5. natasja12 (Natasja)
  6. postcrossingbo (Bo)
  7. soundstorm (Ellen)
  8. Leentjebuur (Leni)
  9. Melelo (Cindy)
  10. Nikietje (Nikita)
  11. Kushboo (Anke)
  12. madeofthis (Annalies)
  13. Deeske1974 (Desiree)
  14. Florisca (Florisca)
  15. Lucy73 (Lucy)
  16. Jessie0691 (Jessica)
  17. Jessie0691 +1 (Bianca)
  18. Mysticalmy (Ymkje)
  19. Rosinchenblau (Annette)
  20. Specialhorse (Marianne)
  21. Miranda78 (Miranda)
  22. Marjan77 (Marjan)
  23. Kwiksa (Jana)
  24. Kwiksa (Jeroen)
  25. andrea236 (Andrea)
  26. OwlBeWriting (Robin)
  27. OwlBeWriting +1 (Maurice)
  28. Pagen (Lia)
  29. GeertruidaB (Geertruida)


  1. Teadear (Bianca)

Ferry Times!
As this meeting is on an island, the ferry times are very important to know. We have the normal ferry, which cost around 17 or 18 euro currently. And we have a fast ferry, which is charging about 8 euro extra above the normal ticket. The normal ferry takes about 45 minutes and the fast ferry takes about 20 minutes.

Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog
06.30 Ferry
09.30 Ferry (Recommended for the meeting :slight_smile: )
11.25 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
12.30 Ferry
14.30 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
15.30 Ferry
16.30 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
18.30 Ferry
19.30 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)

Schiermonnikoog to Lauwersoog
07.30 Ferry
10.30 Ferry
11.55 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
13.30 Ferry
16.00 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
16.30 Ferry
16.55 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
19.30 Ferry
20.00 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)


Marieke is still trying to figure out how the forum works, but as she’s an islander I already added her to the list, and Roelie is not on the forum unfortunately but always comes :slight_smile:

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have a successful meetup with the lovely postcrossers
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ik ben er graag weer bij volgend jaar

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Ogh great. Can you place me on the list? Thanks!!!

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Ik ben er ook graag weer bij :blush:

Hoi Gytha,

Can you put me on the list please, thank you.

Gr, Ellen

Count me in please, love to be there!

Count me in please.

Yes please count me in! I’ll be there :love_letter:

Yes :raised_hands: I love to be there again

Ik ben er graag bij, maak ik er een weekendje van :slight_smile:

Jaaa ik ook weer graag

Ik ben er ook graag bij.

Ik wil graag mee.

Ben er graag bij.

I would love to join…never been to an island meeting.

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Ik wil weer een poging wagen en meld me aan. Leuk Gytha!

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Ik kom heel graag :slight_smile:

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Ik zou ook graag willen komen!

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