09 December 2023 - New York, NY Meetup

:world_map: CITY/REGION: New York City (New York, NY - Manhattan)
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Mercy University, 47 W. 34th St. New York, NY 10001 (Room MT403A)
:calendar: DATE: Saturday, December 9th, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1:00 - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the New York City Meetup during the Holidays! A joyous and festive time indeed!


  • Arrive and enjoy some light refreshments.

  • Collect your goodie bag which will have a range of assorted items as well as prep items for the meetup.

  • Enter the door prize raffle! The winner will receive various First Day Covers of stamps issued in 2023, such as:

  • Test your knowledge on various topics by participating in the trivia challenge! The top team will win an amazing Yeti Rambler 18oz Insulated Water Bottle customized with the event’s logo!

  • Engage in a fun 50/50 Raffle, where half the cost goes to help cover the cost of the event and the other half goes to a lucky individual! This is the perfect opportunity to try to win some big bucks to spend while you’re in NYC! The more folks who enter, the bigger the pot! Cost will be $10 per raffle ticket.

  • Purchase & Collect the official NYC meetup card. The postcard will be a medium sized, 5x7 card due to the number of RSVPs received. The cost for these are $0.50 per card. Everyone will receive one (1) standard 4x6 postcard for free, which can be found in your goodie bag. Postcard Design:

    The back might have a minor design change.

  • Socialize with your fellow Postcrossers and sign those postcards.

  • Bring those neglected “trash” postcards you don’t want and put them into a bin where they can find a new home with another Postcrosser.

  • Participate in a special trivia session for the chance to win a maxi-style postcard with the First Day Cover.

    Note, the picture uploaded doesn’t include the FDC as I’m still waiting to receive the postcards back from the USPS.


Please take a moment to go to the top of the thread and RSVP to this event by clicking Going. Ensure you bring your ID with you in case it is demanded of you from security upon entering the building. You’re able to bring a +1, etc with you, just let me know so ensure I have an accurate count for the number of people who will be attending. If you have any issues with security, ask them to call me; they will have my cell phone number.


  • Everyone’s custom stamp is one of the things that makes these type of events awesome. So definitely bring your collection, but please ensure at least one of them is small. If we end up with a high number, we will most likely not get to fit everyone’s stamp on one postcard, but we can try!

  • If you have one, a quick drying stamp is ideal to prevent wet ink from going all over the postcard on both sides. If you don’t, please space them out and ensure they’re dry before stacking and passing them to others for signing/stamping.

  • While handwritten is always welcome, if you don’t have a stamp at all, consider buying one. They’re generally pretty cheap and can be found on etsy and other such sites. For bigger meetups, it will certainly help save your hand and wrist from cramping up as you go from writing your username to abbreviations.

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I’m interested in taking the train into NY Penn Station for this meet-up
Definitely would like more information. Keep me posted.


Will do! I enjoyed your meet up this past weekend and thought NYC should host one. Now to iron out some details such as location, etc.

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love this idea but im feeling that herald square, especially during the holidays, will be too packed. i would recommend an area/park that would be less busy. obviously bryant park and union square will be packed so im thinking maybe washington square park or maybe tompkins square park? just some suggestions. maybe even a public indoor space away from the cold and elements.

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Totally agree that it’s crowded there for sure. I put that address as a tentative one because I teach at a college that’s near there. I just need to work out the logistics about its feasibility for holding an event there and reserving a room.

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I’m tentatively interested in coming over from New Jersey for this.


I love that you’re doing a NYC meetup! I try to get to the city once or twice a year and wished I saw this before I booked January. Have fun, I’m sure it will be a huge success!


Oh I would love to join! I’m already excited :grin:


I am definitely interested. Thank you for the later time. It’ll make it easier to fit in on a day trip from Boston. Anxiously awaiting more details!

I’m tagging some others as maybe we can go together. @Sharontup @kristencat @AmandaSC @MailedByMsNik @dezelina51 @snailmail_ashcubes @sarahaeyo


thanks for the tag @WalkinMomma but i have a wedding in MN that weekend.

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thank you for the tag @WalkinMomma ! looking forward to this :two_hearts:


I am planning to go. I love NYC in December.


Interested! Very exciting

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I am interested! I’ll have to see closer to the time though. I would ride the train in from PA.

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I am interested in this event. Taking the ne regional train to the meetup.

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Great to see the interest in this meetup continues to increase.

The details for the event will be finalized in the first few weeks of September as I can’t do any reservations for rooms where I teach until the commencement of the Fall 2023 semester.

Definitely continue to spread the news of the meetup.

If you have any questions, DM me!


Interested but am currently unable to commit this far ahead. Hopefully, by the tume
More details are released, I will
Be able

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Yay for doing a NYC meet-up! I live on Long Island. I’d love to come into the city for this one.

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Is there a way to bookmark this info?

next to the reply button at the bottom of topic, you can bookmark the thread under the topic control drop down list.

you can find it back by tapping your avatar icon (ex. upper right-hand corner if you use an iphone) and going to the same bookmark tab :blush:

(also the meetup should be listed on postcrossing’s meet-up page!)