01-10-21 :: World Postcard Day :: Meetup Mumbai

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Mumbai City
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Cafe Universal, 299, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd,
Opp. Geo Chem Laboratories, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai - 400001

Google map link:

:calendar: DATE: 1st October 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30am to 1pm IST
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello to all the Postcrossers!

Everyone is invited and most welcome to celebrate “World Postcard Day” by sending many wonderfully hand written, stamped and cancelled postcards to the world. .

About the Meet-up:

  1. Being a Friday, meetup will be till 1pm IST (You can stay longer as you please)
  2. Meeting, chatting, exchanging stories, cards, stamps, experiences, making new pen pals and writing postcards… being the highlights :wink:
  3. I will carry extra printed Postcrossing.com’s The Postcard Day Competition - winner Postcard - you can ask me for your free card/copy.
  4. Identify and plan a regularly monthly Postcrossing meetup day/date.

Basic checklist:
Call & Inform other postcrossers | Postcards | Address | Postal stamps (at the Bureau counter) | Accessories | Stationary | Your Fav Pen :slight_smile:

See you soon!
Incase of any further query, DM or connect with me over
(+91) 8928961852

Thank you!

Note: Precautionary measure (from Covid-19) will be taken for the meet-up.
Please carry and use your own masks, and sanitiser.


Hey Kedaar!

I’m in for the meet up! Will meet you at the venue for sure!


Thats amazing! See you buddy :slight_smile:

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I’m excited for this meetup! :crazy_face:


I look forward to this Meet-up too!

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Plan to attend it.


Yes! we all are :slight_smile: See you Vernon…

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Glad to know that Ashwin :slight_smile: See you soon!

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Great! we count you in :slight_smile: See you Mini.

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Looking forward to my first official meetup! See you guys there!


super excited!


Hi Kedar,

I wish you all the best for This Event, I am happy that to know you are giving free post cards. Encouraging the Postcrossing.

Happy Postcrossing

Jagadeesh k swamy
Andhra Pradesh,
India :india:.

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Hi, I’m so sorry to bother you all about the meet but please read, my name is Sylvie, I have been very sick fighting a rare progressive neurological disease that causes extreme pain and many other symptoms. I have been suffering in the hospital or assisted living with no other trips at all in 7 years. I’m very isolated, alone and due to pain I can’t do much. Mail is the one of the only things I can do sometimes or even look forward to. Most days I can just browse the postcard galleries or forums in bed. This would be really special to me if someone could send me one… if this is possible please message me for my address. It would mean a lot to me. Either way, Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful meet up :slight_smile:

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Dear Jagadeesh!

Thank you for connecting and your wishes. Yes, I am gifting a post card to each postcrosser attending the meet-up. This will hopefully start to help and promote the meetup and postcrossing too. This PC will mostly be signed by the attendees or blank as each one prefers as they arrive at the meet-up venue.
This is available from 10am till 12pm at the meetup venue

  • Cafe Universal (details mentioned above).

My team and I would love to send you one signed meet-up card. If you wish to receive a PC sent on 1st Oct 2021 celebrating the World Postcard Day, kindly share your details in dm.
Thank you so much for your support.

Happy Postcrossing !


Dear Sylvie,
Thank you for connecting on this forum. Our love and best wishes are with you and your family!
Wish you speedy recovery and best of health soon :slight_smile:
Not only Me and my team would love to gather and mail postcards to you on the 1st Oct 2021, but I am also sure there will be a lot of members here who would also love to meet new postcrosser or make a new penpal.
Kindly dm details when possible.
Thanks and regards,

Hi Kedar,

Thank you very much for going to send postcard for me, very honored for me you are going to send Signed Meet-Up card.

I am giving my Address in your WhatsApp no.
Please share me your Address for send you Chennai Meet-Up Postcrossing postcard to you.

Happy Postcrossing,

Jagadeesh k swamy

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Hi Jagadeesh,
Have connected with you and shared the details. Thank you.
Happy Post crossing!

Wishing everyone Happy World Postcard Day 2021 :slight_smile:

Good News!!

Thanks to the efforts of few active members, we have been kindly informed by Mumbai GPO staff that they are organising an event to celebrate World postcard day. The Mumbai GPO will be releasing a special cover and special cancellation to mark the occasion. Being a working day, this function will wrap up by 10.30am.
Usual meet-up will follow.

As this event is limited to invites only, if anyone has any query to reach directly at Cafe Universal by 10.30 am, please call or message us and we will assist you .

This was just an update :slight_smile: See you soon.

+91 8928961852

P.S. Mumbai GPO and Meet-up venue - Cafe Universal is approximately 10mins away by transport.

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Hello Postcrossers!

Thank you for your support and efforsts in making this meetup a successful and memorable one!
Update is we sent more than 1000 postcards at the meetup and total of more than 3000 postcards only from Mumbai GPO.

With support from the Mumbai Post Region, Department of Post, India Postal services headed by Mrs. Swati Pandey Ji, our group of attendees were not only hosted for the meet-up but were also invited to release a Special cover on the occasion and in celebration of 1st October, globally known for the World Postcard Day.
This event was covered by Indian National Television - DD Doordarshan and posted on Instagram @mumbaipostregion and shared by all of us.
Thank you Department of Post and Philately Bureau, Mumbai region from all of us postcrossers for this memorable day spent at The Mumbai GPO.

Thank you so much all the members who attended and who got in touch from various cities across the globe :slight_smile: for your support and swap.
I personally had a great experience at my first official meet-up and got to learn a lot executing this meet-up. Got to meet a lotta cool and creative postcrossers too and swapped more than I expected :))

If you are looking for direct swap or planning to meet-up in Mumbai, do dm me for any query or guidance :slight_smile:
Hope you all had fun!
Happy Postcrossing!

Here are some moments (photos) captured by the attendees at the meet-up.

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