Your experience with Aliexpress?

I mainly send and buy Taobao cards in boxes.
Because indeed some boxes have copyright issues but not most, especially cute ones.
Those cards selling as stationeries are mostly massively produced and designed by local stationery companies, such as 拾光,信的恋人 etc. So they are also sold overseas.
Most cute postcards are from stationery companies I mentioned which also produce original design washi taped, pens as well, very hot in China. And their products are also sold in tourist attraction in China, I have seen several stationery shops near hottest tourist attractions.

I guess some are very sensitive due to those cards that have copyright issues that they are against all cards selling on Taobao. Not all!

It seems that foreign people can only buy postcards sold in boxes on Aliexpress…

Below there are some shops which sell postcards with copyrights, and the website called Taobao is a Chinese version of Aliexpress.

I tried to find those shops on Aliexpress, but I couldn’t reach any… I think Aliexpress and Taobao are 2 different platforms.����Ƭ�ؿ�#bd

Sometimes, you can even find out some original illustraion postcards of movies or animes. They’re awesome! Such as:

It sells shaped postcards of Cardcaptor Sakura!

My region can use Taobao, so I can buy postcards from shops above. I’m not sure whether foreign people can buy them or not…

The most important thing is that I really want to find people who can swap the same postcards with me sold in these shops… They’re AMAZING (´;ω;`)…!!!