You know you're a Postcrosser when

What does UDO mean?


UDO stands for United Dance Organisation :wink:

I quote:


Established in 2002, UDO is the world’s largest international street dance organisation, and fastest growing street, hip hop and commercial dance brand globally.

UDO’s mission is to provide dancers of all ages, levels, backgrounds, abilities and disabilities, a positive and supportive platform to unleash their creativity and passion. We believe in making street, hip hop and commercial dance inclusive for all. Whether dancing for fun, fitness, or with the aim of training to become a professional dancer, UDO’s philosophy is to help dancers achieve their goals.

Our vision is to empower and inspire young people by nurturing skills, confidence, and talent in a safe and encouraging environment.



It sounds like a lot of fun.

You stock up on P stamps prior to a price increase, but having so many stamps onhand is too tempting so you just increase the amount of postcards you send


When you ask your family if they’d like to watch a certain new tv series because “a nice postcrosser from Poland recommended it to me” :blush:


You join a new group, organization, club, or activity and you bring a bag of postcards you have received to the next meeting. You want them to ooh and aah at the postcards and stamps while you explain to them what Postcrossing about. I’m always hoping someone will join.


…when your street name is Tao but you keep writing “Tag’”

…when you attend a meet up and meet people who would take your cards to the post office for you to get them hand cancelled for you! so it clearly says Chinatown Station, San Francisco! :dumpling::chopsticks:

…when a postcard is misdelivered to you and you take a picture of the stamp before sending it back😳


When there are more postcards than the space you can spare :joy:


When the postman rings your doorbell just to ask why you keep getting so many great postcards from all over the world all the time. :blush:


You are so tempted to send a message to that person you mailed a postcard to 46 days ago to say, please check your mail. You havent been online for 7 days. OK maybe you are on vacation 🫨:weary::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


A postcard from the “Papersisters”:

That hasn’t happened to me just once :wink:


Yesterday I dragged my grandmother to a historic town 30 minutes away to browse their historic gift shops in the search for some new postcards, because surely a town that attracts tourists would have something worthy. Sadly I was unable to find anything other than some home printed photos with a "Greetings From (city) ink stamp on the back, some blurry city views that seemed to have been photocopied or some totally overpriced printed drawings on postcard paper (i refuse to spend more than $3 each on a touristy postcard, let alone $25??? outrageous!) Time to just head to the airport since thats the only place near me that seems to sell real postcards in my area for less than an arm and a leg.


When your postal clerk goes on vacation and returns with postcards for you!


When your wife gets jealous due to the sudden influx of personal mail delivered to you. And because you’re a child at heart you ask friends to write her anonymous love letter so youcan pretend to be jealous for a bit before giving her your own real love letter.


Twenty Five Dollars for a single card???

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Your reaction is the same as my reaction! I understand that businesses need to make money, especially in tourist areas that don’t get local sales as much, but they really are just making up prices as they go nowadays. Categorized the postcards as “professional photography” when it was just a photocopied print. Most I’d charge would maybe be $5

When you go on vacation together, make all your friends sign several postcards that you want to send home to yourself.

When friends tell you they are going on vacation, you give them your address so they can send you a postcard.

When you persuade friends to take a trip to a stamp vending machine because you want to get specific stamps.


you are out and about on a beautiful day and mention to whoever is with you, “that would make a nice postcard.” I say this so often my family and friends answer me back, “yes, you should make it.” :rofl:


When you got more cards than usual, you like every single of them, but it takes ages until you answered and registered them So you already think why these cards need to come to you in batches and how to find the time for all the thank you messages … well, but finally you finished this task.

  • and then, first thing you do afterwards is going to your mailbox to see if by any chance today you got some more cards … and you are very disappointed that there are not, before you realize that you never get mail delivered twice a day … :wink: :innocent: :grin:

When at work, you get assigned to lead a project that entails mailing half a million letters to customers, and your first thought is “this is what I’ve been training for!”