#xtremedeltiology (putting postcards in the real world)

I started a topic today about xtremephilately on the stamps section, which features pictures of stamps out and about, and I wanted to do one for postcards too, because we’re all postcard enthusiasts after all! :slight_smile:

The hashtag #xtremedeltiology refers to pictures like these below, where postcards are pictures in the location they feature:

It seems simple, right? Just put a postcard in front of the place where its picture it was taken, and voilá!

I have a few postcards from my region that I think I could do this with, and I’m looking forward to taking them for a walk. Maybe someone else also wants to join in this challenge? I’d love to see your postcards and cities in this way! :heart_eyes:


@ericdrive has been talking about this here too.


Oh hey — that’s perfect then! I’ll share mine there in the future. Thank you for pointing it out! :heart: