Writing Chinese characters on postcard address

I just sent a card to China yesterday, and tried to write the address in kanji myself. I thought it looked OK - I enlarged the characters so I could copy the detail - but then I started to doubt myself, and worried if the card would get lost! I am very glad to hear that your card arrived - and three weeks is not so long to wait either!

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This is a list of common terms in the address (for Chinese addresses) which I observed, and you can split the line right after these words if you run out of space:

  • 中国 (China)
  • 省 (province)
  • 市 (city)
  • 区 (district)
  • 街 (street) / 路 (road) - but usually it’s good to keep the number and 号 (number) in the same line as street / road, e.g. xx街2号 (xx Street No. 2)

Hope this helps~