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Thanks so much for your help :sparkles:

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Hello everyone! Bonjour! :fr:

I’m Eliza (actually that’s her mom) and I was wondering if maybe some of you lovely Postcrossers would be interested in sending our Grandma (who’s turning 61 May 14) a postcard. She is a huge lover of France, studied in Paris when she was in university, speaks and teaches French, so anything from your beautiful country would make her elated. We’re thinking view cards of French cities/villages/scenery with some kind message in French. Would you be interested? :heartpulse:

In exchange we will happily send you postcards from our collection. We have lots of different ones. We could also offer tea bags, stickers, bookmarks and other stationery. Please PM and we can let you know exactly what we’d like to offer :smiling_face:

Once again thank you for reading and considering this, we will be happy if you respond.

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Howdy from Texas! Dear French Postcrossers! I just found out about this new scratch n sniff stamp of a baguette

and I would absolutely love for one to be used on a postcard from France. I was hoping to have a card with a similar topic, it’s not a must but would be great! I have a whole lotta cards available for swap. I have hundreds of themes of stamps I can use as well. Whatever card you pick from me I will do my best to match the topic with a stamp! Merci!

Here is my albums.


I apologize for hijacking your thread. I love gastronomy stamps!

I am interested in swapping as well, French postcrossers! Have postcards and stamps to offer.

Hello from Ulan-Ude!
Friends showed me the news that France had released a stamp with a baguette that you can smell. I feel nostalgic for the magazines of my childhood where I could smell the perfume. So I’m interested in swaps for postcards from France with this stamp🙈
My album with postcards:
Anyway thank you!

Hi Postcrossers!
I’m looking for the below stamp. If possible one mint(unused) and one on the envelope. If you can help me please let me know.

I can offer Indian mint on your theme or if you let me know your theme, I will look for it in my World collection. If you need anything else also, fine, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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I’d be interested in 2 unused French baguette stamps as well! Here is what I have to offer from the US (Arizona). You can pick two or whatever is an appropriate swap? (I’m new to PC). Please private message me.

Hello @cherrymoon ,
I can send your Grandma a postcard from Strasbourg, but it will be sent from French-speaking Switzerland (with Swiss stamps), if it is OK for you. PM me if you are interested.

Would anyone in France be willing to swap postcards and send to the US with this stamp?


Inviting French speakers if you are interested to join a lottery for guessing the goal score by France team in EURO CUP 2024.

Winner with the correct guess could win anime/manga postcard (written and stamped).

Please join the lottery hosted by honzuki at the link below :


I am looking for Official Olympic 2024 Postcards. My son is in Paris now for one week and is looking for a store that might sell them - any guidance?

Bonjour Sharon,

J’en ai vu hier à la gare Montparnasse, chez Fnac :


Thank you so much. My son is heading there right now.


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Me too ahahaha :joy:
I’m working in this sector

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I got it :heart_eyes_cat::love_letter::basketball_man:t2::person_fencing::horse_racing:t2:


So good! I’m not going to want to send mine out i get them


Mee too. I’ll keep it for myself
Except one :basketball_man:t2:


I’m so so so sorry that I don’t know why but missing this message from you.
Sadly I didn’t hear from Santa. But I will try again this year. Hope this year it arrives safely. :blush:
All the best,


An inquiry: Do French friends exchange postcards from the Paris Olympics

I’d like to exchange Chinese postcards and stamps. If possible, send me a private message. Thank you.

hey there, I’m in France and bought a couple of these so would be happy to send a postcard to you with one on, if you are still looking :slight_smile:

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