World Postcard Day meetup, 1 October 2022 in Alkmaar

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Alkmaar
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Grand Café Klunder, Canadaplein 2, 1811 KE Alkmaar
:calendar: DATE: 1-October-2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

On this special day, World Postcard Day, I organize a small meetup with a maximum of 12 participants.

We gather at 11 o’clock at Grand Café Klunder. You will receive the first cup of coffee or tea and a set of 5 meetupcards for free from me. After the coffee, if you like, you can go shopping in Alkmaar for an hour, that is on your own, but I have nice ideas for you (I will not go shopping myself). Or visit the neighboring Stedelijk Museum. Or just stay at the restaurant, like me, so we have time to chit-chat.
The lunch will be served at 12:30 pm. And after the lunch it is time to write cards together.

it is a 10 minutes’ walk (800 meter) from the main station to the restaurant. Trains from Amsterdam CS and Sloterdijk arrives at 10:33 and 10:45. From Haarlem via Beverwijk the arrival time is 10:26 and 10:56.

Indoor parking under the restaurant:
Parkeergarage de Vest, Paternosterstraat 2-18, 1811 KG Alkmaar (€ 1,93 per uur)

Outdoor parking, cheaper with a 10 minutes walk:
Parcade, De Simsonstraat 8, 1823 CT Alkmaar (€ 4 per dag)

Meetup postcards:
There is a special designed postcard for this meetup (already approved by the Postcrossing team). You will receive 5 cards for free, as a gift from me. More cards can be ordered before 3 September and will cost € 0,40/card. You can order as much as you like, but at the meetup a maximum of 25 postcards can be signed, to avoid sore hands. The cards must be paid in advance and I will send you a payment request begin September.

The restaurant would like to know in advance what you want for lunch, you can view the menu

Before we leave, we can pay the restaurant each separately by PIN, so please make a note of what you order and keep your PIN-invoice till everyone has paid.
If too little has been paid at the restaurant afterwards, those costs will be divided by all participants and not exclusively paid by me (sorry).

1 October post stamp cancelation:
I will try to see if it is possible, for those who want to, to manually stamp the cards at a PostNL point in the area with the official PostNL cancelation stamp with the date of 1 October.
Update 18-08-2022: yessss :slightly_smiling_face: it is possible. After the meetup can those who want, walk with me (5 minutes?) to a PostNL point to stamp manually by yourself.

takes place here via this forum, if you have a more personal question or announcement, you can of course send me a personal message. Payment details for the cards and my mobile phone number will be sent by a personal message.

Are you interested and are you participating?

  • Register below with your username & real name.

  • Indicate before 3 September how many extra meetup cards you would like to order.

  • Please let me know what you want for lunch before 25 September.

I am looking forward to meet you! :slight_smile: :postcard: :postbox: :postcrossing: :postcard:


  1. @WilmaT - Wilma - 25 kaarten - Betaald
  2. @barbizon - Désirée - 15 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  3. @Annerie - Annerie - 25 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  4. @postcrossingbo - Bo - 20 extra kaarten opsturen naar Cindy - Betaald
  5. @Melelo - Cindy - 20 extra kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  6. @Hindriktje (login error at the forum here) - 30 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  7. @Willy (login error at the forum here) - 30 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  8. @VictoriaIris - Mariska - 25 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  9. @DutchAngel - Angela - 5 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  10. @Anneke192 - Anneke - 20 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  11. @Truus - Truus - 20 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald
  12. @blijdatikschrijf - Heleen - 30 extra kaarten uitdelen op meeting - Betaald

Je mag meetingkaarten bestellen en die op laten sturen (PostNL verzendkosten komen er dan wel bij). Ze worden dan alleen niet ondertekend. De ervaring leert dat er meestal wel 1 of meerdere mensen afvallen en dan is de eerstvolgende op de wachtlijst natuurlijk van harte welkom en ontvang je op de meeting ook een setje met 5 gratis kaarten.

  1. @DutchIslandGirl - Linda - 15 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  2. @LIYUXUAN1201
  3. @FRIESEANTILLEN - Johanna - geen kaarten
  4. @evelienH29 - Evelien - 20 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  5. @Berry_i - Berry - 10 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  6. @island7 - Peter - 15 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  7. @DymphieH - Dymphie - 10 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  8. @helmamartens - Helma - 15 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  9. @SusanneMartijn - 15 kaarten opsturen - Betaald
  10. @GeertruidaB - 10 kaarten opsturen - Betaald

I like to join :heart_eyes:

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I would love to join this meeting :smiling_face:

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I would like to join please. Thank you!

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I love to join please thank you. (Cindy)

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I would like to swap for the wonderful meetup card if possible please!! It’s wonderful!! :grinning:

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Ik kom graag op deze meeting

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Ik zet je er bij, gezellig. Wat is je “echte voornaam” @VictoriaIris?

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I will be there.

Ik kom ook graag. Groetjes Angela

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Oh ja natuurlijk Mariska Br @VictoriaIris. Gezellig!

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Hello Wilma,
I would love to join this meeting :grin:

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Hoi Wilma , I love to join the meeting in Alkmaar Truus

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Hoi Wilma, I’d love to join💕

(By the way, 1 October would have been my late mom’s birthday)

Kind regards, Heleen

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I like to join! :smiley:

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Greetings! Are you considering exchanging postcards and what can I offer you?

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Love to join, thank you !

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What is your real frontname @LIYUXUAN1201 ?

@AnStorm I will contact you next week, after preparing this meetup

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