World Postcard Day 2024 competition?

Is there any news regarding the WPD 2024 design competition? In the past few years the theme was announced in early June, but this year there has been no news yet on the PC blog, PC forum or the world postcard day website.

Has the design competition been cancelled?


There was quite a big controversy with last year’s competition, so perhaps that is why.


Meanwhile this year we will have this event

Full info:


It’ll be announced soon! @meiadeleite said in the Postcrossing Discord the other day that they’re changing things up a bit this year, which meant they got a bit delayed.

I’m excited for it too :tada:


I’m so glad to hear it hasn’t been cancelled entirely! I look forward to seeing the new format once it is announced.


I apologize for any inconvenience, but I’m unsure where to inquire. Could anyone please let me know if the theme for this year’s World Post Day has been decided?

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Sorry for going off-topic. There is a Postcrossing Discord?

Back to on-topic:

I am looking forward to WPD and also great news about the UPU maxicard initiative. I checked with the Swiss philatelic magazine and there is a special issue stamp planned for September. Hopefully, there will be a Swiss maxicard, too. :crossed_fingers:

I will have to manage my available slots though. I will be attending two meet-ups in October and want to send official meet-up cards as well as WPD cards and UPU maxicards (if available in Switzerland). :thinking:


Yes! Here it is:


Sorry for keeping this year’s World Postcard Day under so much suspense! We got a little delayed with our preparations, and right now we’re focused on Postcrossing’s birthday coming up this Sunday (and a little surprise!).

Next week we’ll go back on schedule and talk about the World Postcard Day on the blog!