Wooden Postcards US National and International stamps

I was given some wooden postcards. And I’m wondering if it’s the same as a regular domestic+international to send them?
11cm x 19.5cm

Also what kind of writing instrument may be written on?

Thank you so much

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If they are less than 1/4inch thick and up to 1oz in weight, then letter rate postage should be sufficient (not postcard rate stamp for domestic). I also added the nonmachinable surcharge (39c currently), because it’s not a bendable material.
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I used regular ballpoint pen to write on a wooden postcard. Markers ran a little making it less legible

I recently wrote one using a thin sharpie and mailed it from the post office using the non-machinable domestic rate, currently $0.99.

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In the past few years, I have successfully sent out a few with only the forever stamp taking from 1/16 thick to 1/8 thick.

Ballpoint pen is the safest bet , but if you really want to use gel or felt, I suggest testing it where the stamps would go or wherever else suits you best.

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