Wiki with translations to use in Postcrossing

Okay, here’s goes! Thanks!

I wasn’t expecting to hit the limit so far. This limit is per post (which a wiki is one). We have also hit this limit on the prices of stamps wiki. While it’s technically possible to increase, we prefer to avoid doing it. For the moment let’s keep going with the two wikis solution — not ideal, but it works — to see where we land in the end in terms of volume.

@LC-Canada: Thank you for all the work in copying things over — looks pretty good!

I’m divided on whether to include the credits for the original contributions: on one hand, I think that’s nice (and what the author of the original idea would like), but in a wiki format, I fear when other members start making edits/contributions, they will perceive that the correct thing to do is to add their username there when they make an edit (which is superfluous since a wiki already keeps track). What if we would append all those references to the existing credit to bluejay, perhaps as a summary block (that hides/closes)?

Oh, and when you are done copying everything, please don’t forget to remove my note!

Hi Paulo, well I gather from @reisegern & @Norway_girl that each post is a wiki - who knew? So the limit is per post.

I was thinking to add a sentence in the 1st post, something like: “See the next post for the continuation of the dictionary”, so we don’t get people not reading & assuming we’re missing a whole bunch of languages.

Yes, I think a summary post is good way to handle the credits - that’s the work I still have to do.


Sebastian asked said to mention his name on the credits, so I have updated.

I have moved the credits section to the end (of the second post) was it reduces the gap between the two wikis and is a more logical place for it.

When including the credits, please try to keep the link to their profile (when there is one). But, don’t copy the one from the web archive page (because it links to profile on the web archive page) but the actual profile. For example,

instead of the original link to

you can replace it with

Or, even better, if the person happens to have a forum account, you can use @mentions which may be simpler.

Sounds like a good idea — maybe at the end of the 1st wiki? Perhaps throw in one of these :arrow_double_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down_small: to call attention.

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