Why do my cards take so long?

If you prefer more variety in countries, you can change your settings, because this sounds like you have the option checked, that you like to send your postcards to the same countries. :slightly_smiling_face:

But yes, I’d imagine that most of the cards to Germany would be faster than to US, because of the distance. But as they all may fly anyway :person_shrugging:

I sometimes guess which card in my list of traveling cards arrives next. Well I’m often wrong :sweat_smile:


Thank you. I have changed it now so will see how that works when other ones have arrived. Happy posting.


I wholeheartedly agree with your observation. The Japanese postal system indeed boasts remarkable speed in both mailing and delivery. On the other hand, the Chinese postal service has experienced a gradual decline in its mailing speed. When I first began participating in postcrossing around 2012, China’s postal service was relatively swift. Typically, sending postcards to Europe took no more than 15 days, and in the fastest cases, they arrived within 7 to 8 days. Mailing to North America also took approximately 15 days. However, my impression is that sending postcards to Russia has consistently been slow, often taking at least 30 days.
Well,around late 2013, I noticed a shift. China’s postal speed began to slow down. Sending postcards to Europe now takes around 20 days, while mailing to the United States takes roughly 20 to 30 days. For Russia, it can be as long as 40 to 50 days, and unfortunately, many even expire before reaching their destination. Personally, I find that sending postcards to Japan remains relatively quick, usually arriving within 15 days.
I reside in a relatively developed province in China, where there are numerous flights to foreign countries. However, it’s possible that cargo planes specifically designated for postal services are scarce. This is merely speculation on my part. Additionally, our neighboring city recently established a mail exchange bureau, theoretically it should improving delivery speed. but still I haven’t noticed any significant acceleration in the process of sending and receiving.


Most of the cards I have sent from the US to China take at least a month, but I currently have two bound for China that have expired. I know for a fact one of them was printed in Chinese, so it wasn’t the language barrier that contributed to the long wait :frowning:

I am in Germany and have as well a card travelling to Finland for 26 days as of today. Statistics say more like 9/10 days, so I will try my patience.

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