Which card to send in concreto - a semi-serious thread for advice, dear-Abby-style

I had this thread in the old forum too, it was not super-popular, but fun enough to earn a restart. So here one can ask all other friendly forum users if they can’t decide which card to send because of too many options.
Please note: it’s not meant super-serious - it’s only an excuse to spend some more time on the forum.

I’ll start: friendly user, no card from AT so far, asks for a special animal and accepts hand-made. But they also have two AT-cards in their faves I happen to have too.
My options:

  • card with an artpiece involving the animal from another country
  • to cut the picture side of a folded card with a photograph of the animal (one could say that’ self-made :laughing:)
  • one of the AT-cards from their faves, both would be my last ones of the series (a situation I still haven’t found a way to deal with, b/c we know, the next profile after sending a last card always asks for exactly that card)

So dear wise forum - what would you do?


Well, I’m team handmade. :wink:

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In such situations I normally take the line of the least resistance. I would send the cheapest or ugliest card of this selection. Here: The picture side of the greeting card.

If the user is a newbie, I’d check what they already recieved and send the card that they is the least similar to what they already own. I’m still quite new to postcrossing (only 61 cards send, 69 recieved) and I always love seeing the variety of postcards people choose for me.
If you have the card they specified they’d for sure love, I’d go with the animal. You’ll be sure that they wilk enjoy it.


I would send a card from their favourites, as you have them :slight_smile:


I’d go with a favourite of theirs.

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Well, if it’s in their favorites you already know they love the card, so I would send that one.

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I would go with favourites (totally have same problem with lasts of the sets, once you pick it for someone with vague wishes where you could go different way, next user wants exactly the card you just have written and nothing else). If there were other AT postcards received then handmade.

If I am a receiver, I always prefer more-typical-country card from rare country than something from my wish

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I would go with a card from their favourites, too. :slight_smile:



Because they have a nice profile, I would part with my last of the AT cards in their favorites.

Otherwise, I would probably send the hand-made card of the animal they like. I wouldn’t send a card with another animal, because just because they like, say, elephants, doesn’t mean they like, say again, giraffes.

@PinkNoodle I am also scratching my head over the response to send whatever is cheapest for the sender, since the recipient is reported to be polite and to have a nice profile.


Maybe it was an unfortunate choice of words. The “ugliest” and “cheapest” card of a bunch of beautiful cards is still a beautiful card. In my opinion, it is a natural feeling that you want to keep the ones that you like the most or that you have spent a little more money on. I always struggle with letting go of my favorite cards.

(Sorry, but my English sometimes reaches its limits.)


Thank you for the clarification. The profile was super-positive, so in no way I would send something ‘ugly’. (I try not to in general, anyway). I guess/you explain that by cheap you mean an ‘easy solution’, like using the hand-made-cut-off-folded and saving the other ‘real’ postcards. That would have been a solution, yes.

For those who are interested: eventually, I did send a ‘real’ postcard of the photographed animal I found at third attempt of search in one of my unsorted boxes. (I had the feeling that it was out there somewhere, but couldn’t find it for some time).

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.
And of somebody other has the same ‘challenge’ - you’re very welcome to ask this our 'dear forum’