Where to Get Postcards - USA - The New England States

Hi James, thanks for the tip! I will definitely check this out, I live in Unionville right next door. That’s a beautiful card. Olivia

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There’s a decent but very limited selection of touristy postcards at the I95 Northbound rest stop in Milford, CT (in the convenience store).
This may also be true for other interstate rest stops.
I like the New Haven one because it shows the roof of the building my local PO is located in.


I’ve been ordering my cards through ZAZZLE. I get the cutest cards and lots of variety

Presently, I have some postcards from New England in my store. I plan on adding some more, but it takes time. In the meantime, check out what I have up for sale from these and other states. Good pricing and reasonable shipping.


Diane at postcardstop.com has some. I like the Cape Cod maps!

On the weekend, I added a number of postcards from Massachusetts and Maine to my online store.

You know what? I’ve been wondering if I should stop by there for YEARS!! The Pink Flamingo ones would be GREAT! Do you know if it is open all year, especially after all the COVID?

In the late summer, I finally, after driving by it my whole adult life, went into the Concord Museum in Concord MA. It was basically closed due to COVID but the small gift shop was open. I bought some nice postcards of Paul Revere’s lantern. They cost more than average but I NEEDED some local cards. People in other countries probably won’t be interested in them but perhaps someone in England will have a sense of humor if I send them one! :slight_smile:

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That’s a good question. I haven’t stopped at the Johnny Appleseed Rest Area since Covid, but I need more postcards so I will try to call tomorrow and see if they’re open, or maybe even drive there. I’ll let you know.

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If you are in Boston Proper, many stops on the Freedom Trail have postcards:

  • there’s a small street kiosk in Downtown Crossing (at Old South Meeting House) that has five full racks of cards
  • I believe that there are shops at Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market
  • many of art museums (ICA, MFA, Isabella Stewart) carry cards
  • most downtown-area CVS’s and Walgreens usually have a rack or two of more touristy cards.
  • great indie bookstore, Trident Books and Cafe on Newbury Street

Further out in the suburbs, some smaller indie bookstores like Harvard Bookstore, Brookline Booksmith and Newtonville Books also carry a wide selection of both touristy and artsy cards - which is a bonus by supporting a small and local business! :slight_smile:

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If you get to Maine local store Renys
Local pharmacy stores
Walmart only has them around summer

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Talk about a coincidence… I decided to drive to the Johnny Appleseed rest stop mentioned by Hats-Off-2U and there was a lady also interested in their postcard rack. Guess who it was???


Yes! Talk about a serendipitous Postcrossings “meet-up”! Who knew that the both of us, unknown to each other, would walk into this rest stop only a few minutes apart on the same day and connect at the postcard display. Holy Hannah! This sure made my day! By the way, we’re standing in front of a carving of Johnny Appleseed himself, brought into the gift shop at the rest area only about three weeks earlier. This carving would make a great postcard.