Where to Get Postcards - USA - The New England States

I live in the state of Massachusetts but most of the “state” cards I mail are from Maine because I have always had a VERY difficult time finding places that sell cards in my own state!

The problem is, of the very last two stores I had, one stopped selling them and the other went out of business and has been torn down.

If anyone living in the New England states, principally Massachusetts, knows shops that still sell postcards, PLEASE let me know! Even if they are not convenient to me, I may find myself in the area in the future!

HELP those of us living in a Postcard Dead Zone!



I haven’t lived in Massachusetts since 2011, but I’m sure some of my go-to postcard sellers are still around! (Bob Slate Stationer has had a rough year, though. :broken_heart:) I’ll go ahead and add them to this topic. If the sources are no longer available, I hope someone will correct them.

I found my state cards on Amazon, if that’s helpful…

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If you wish, I can give you the number of Modern Postcard Sales in Indiana. Every month, I usually buy 150 postcards from him. The last time the cards were from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, etc.

You can check with him about Massachusetts. Cards from New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island are tough to find. Happy hunting.

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I’d suggest everyone with a Wegmans store check there! Many (not all) of the Wegmans stores in NY sell local and NY State tourism postcards for just $0.40 each!


I would like that information if you are willing to share. I’m looking for postcards as well.

I try and find New Hampshire cards and I’ve had no luck in actual stores, I end up buying Maine ones, too!!
I bought the NH ones from this etsy store and they were really nice. The Mass ones might be good for you.

We DO have a Wegman’s near where I used to work. All I know about those stores is they are pricey so I’d never expect to find postcards! NOW I have a reason to drive over there and see what the store is all about! :slight_smile:

I’m having a really hard time finding touristy Boston cards. I used to get them in a couple shops in Quincy Marketplace but they’re closed. I have still found them in the gift shop for the Boston Tea Party. At low prices too. Most of my MA postcards have come from trips down the cape. The Christmas Tree Shop in Falmouth usually has a whole rack of them. You may need to ask for them though. Last time I was there was just after Halloween and they had put the rack in the stockroom but they got them out for me. (Helped I bought like 40 to 50 cards.) Just last week I went to Plymouth and got some at the Plimoth Candy Co They had 3 or 4 racks of mostly Plymouth postcards. I like sending those to people who like history. Also Cracker Barrel restaurants have a small selection of MA postcards from Lantern Press. Again may need to ask for them because it’s only a small selection, usually in their souvenir section. Hope this helps.

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Ooo, I forgot Salem, MA has some MA postcards too. Trolley Depot usually has them.

Walkin - alas, all towns I never get to! BUT you mentioned Cracker Barrel, which I do occasionally end up near. I like their shop anyway… it always smells soooooo goooooood in there!


I have a spot I need to check… a tiny rest stop on Rt 2 in the Leominster/Shirley area. I always drive by and TOTALLY forget to stop in. It almost has the look of an “unmanned” stop, though, with vending machines and bathrooms but also a small building, and it is always busy. If I ever remember to STOP and not just blow by it, I will report!


I’ve found eBay to be a great place to purchase cards, especially viewcards. I did a cursory search and found a few lots that were priced decently like this one and this one.

I just searched “Massachusetts postcards lot”. Using “lot” or “bulk” on eBay postcard searches tends to yield better results price wise.

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Yes, indeed! I live in central Massachusetts, and I have three sources for postcards, specific to my area. One is the Johnny Appleseed Rest Area on Route 2 West in Leominster (postcards of Johnny Appleseed, who was born in Leominster, and the pink flamingo lawn decoration which originated in Leominster); one is John’s Sports Shop in Gardner (postcards specific to Gardner, once known as the Chair City of the World); and an online source offering black and white postcards showing motorists on the Mohawk Trail (Route 2). I also have created local postcards of my own using Zazzle. The Johnny Appleseed Rest Area also offers other general Massachusetts postcards. I’d be happy to pick some up for you and mail them to you if you’re not near the Gardner-Leominster, Mass., area.

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I’m not actually from MA, but I visit around Boston quite often. I know someone mentioned Bob Slate Stationer, and as much as I love them for fountain pen goods, when I’m in the Cambridge area I’d much prefer picking up Boston themed postcards at the Harvard Bookstore down the street. They’re currently open, and are only $1 each. They usually have a couple of pretty good designs, but I think they’re great for stocking up on for Postcrossing.

When I was living in Boston about two years ago, I bought most of my cards from museums or tourist attractions (Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Walden Pond, Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House…). I also found some tourism cards in the 7-Eleven stores downtown.

I find Christopher Arndt cards very good. Here’s their MA cards:


On Amazon, search “Postcard Fair Massachusetts” and you’ll find several options. They’re just under $9 for 20 cards, and they’re really thick ones that withstand the postal system better than most cards.

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Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge has Massachusetts postcards.

Hello, in case you ever get to Collinsville CT, you might check out the site below. This is a huge old factory turned into an awesome antiques mall, a very fun place to poke around. There is one vendor in particular who has a lot of postcards from all over - now these aren’t real new, like '20-'21, but a lot of them are new enough, IMO. This inventory is quite interesting & you’d likely find at least a dozen, I’m guessing, based on my experience! The cards include many unusual locales & topics. I think they were mostly 25c each.
A few other vendors there have limited vintage postcards.
DON’T BUY THEM ALL or else, :rofl: This is my secret stash. :wink:
Antiques on the Farmington
10 Depot St, Collinsville, CT

Oh no, I bought 16 cards here today from the 25 cent bin :joy:
If you ever are in New Haven, go to the Group W Bench store. It’s a hippy/head shop, with at least 6 different spinning racks of postcards. They are only open odd hours like 10:30 - 3 or so

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If you go to the Collinsville Farmer’s Market on Sunday, this artist had a booth selling postcards. I bought one there:

Not sure if she’s there every week.
She’s online too

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