Where to buy creepy cards?

Hi there everyone! I have an interest in all things dark and creepy and spooky. Low brow art and pop surrealism too. I don’t mind a graveyard on a postcard or some serial killers! But…. Where can I find these? Are there collections or a series of any of these sorts of things? Thank you

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I got a pretty spooky set off Temu!

I know etsy and redbubble are also pretty popular places to get such cards!


If anatomy is creepy, there is this postcard set too:

but also I found partial set of Magnum photographers set, there are some really “interesting” cards, I knew it and I really like those, some are spookish, strange, (some beautiful) but so good. Here it’s not available, but you see some examples:

There are smaller Magnum sets from other topics too, like New York and Paris.

I don’t know if any of these sets are still in print but here were some I bought years ago:

Fotofolio sets of great photographers, had a postcard set featuring Arthur Fellig (better known as “Weegee”), the New York crime beat photographer who made crime scenes an art (though he didn’t set out to do so!)

Addam’s Family oversized card set of 30 featuring America’s most morbid family (humorous) published by Cernunnos

Bonnie and Clyde (random cards I came across)

Edward Gorey (that’s his real name, some postcard sets still in print) by Pomegranate

Covers from 1950’s American horror comic books (graphic even by today’s standards)

Sorry I can’t be of more help. I don’t remember the publishers of all of them.

This set will be published in October:

some of the covers could be creepy

and also I would look places that sell/focus on films, posters etc related to topic, like this: