Where can I buy stamps?

Good morning, please tell me, where can I buy stamps?(Not for postcrossing!) The post office refuses to send a postcard without an envelope, and in online stores (Wildberries, Ozon,Stampsmarket ) I can’t find the stamps.

I always thought the post offices would have stamps to sell. Don’t they?

Also, welcome to the most addicting hobby you will ever get into.

In our post office there are no stamps, mail packages , special tape and postcards, but there are tea, cookies, cream, pens and pencils, tights)


I would look there, if I would live in Russia.

To find nice stamps can be hard, and as someone who travels a lot I know how hard it is. In Italy you wont get any stamp at the post office, you have to ask for tabacheria.


I have never tried to find stamps in Russia, but most of countries I have been in sell them at post offices, supermarkets, newspaper stands, online (check your national postal operator)… I have also understood that philatelic shops are still thing in Russia.

Maybe somebody at #communities:russian can help you further? There might be somebody from the same area.



I ordered stamps here)

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Ebay the best place, and you can search in google looking for stamps dealers or stamps show in your city or the closest cities, also look the facebook pages and groups (about stamps) in your country, finally you can ask here about what kind of stamps you looking for maybe find it here.

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Are you sure thats a post office and not a cafe lol

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