Where are the favorites and U2Us

Hi all - I have two questions

  1. How do I save to favorites like I did before.
  2. Where are the round robins for that were in the old forum, are they all new here?

There is no way to save to favorites, but you can bookmark the RRs and things and use that similarly to favorites. And, not all of the RRs and games have been moved from the old forum to the new one. The hosts will have to move them over themselves.


OK one more dumb question, where is the U2U mail? I guess I am not seeing it, or has that gone away too?

There is a Personal Messages (PM) function here that replaces the old U2Us. To access it, click on your avatar in the top right corner of your screen, then double-click on the envelope icon.

You’ll be taken to the Inbox section of your personal Messages page. You can then click on the “New Message” button to start a PM to someone. Personal messages look and behave very much like topics here in the new Forum, except that they are private topics between you and whoever you’re messaging.

In your Inbox you should find a message waiting for you, from “postbot,” with the heading “Greetings!” Click on that and follow the instructions there to begin a brief and very helpful interactive tutorial that will familiarize you with this new platform. The instructions will look like this:

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Here: https://community.postcrossing.com/c/games-activities/round-robins/14/

RR’s will be opened here as soon as the hosts can do it. :slight_smile:

First of all, the only dumb questions are the ones one doesn’t ask :smile:

If you want to send a message to someone, you have two options:

  1. Click on their username in a topic (marked with red), and then click “:email: message” (marked with blue), as shown here:
  2. Go to your user icon in the top, right corner > Your username > messages > :email: New Message.

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@BA_Yeats - Also note that you’ll have to use the users original PC username to message. In the old forum we could change our usernames, but here, we must use our originally chosen “official” Postcrossing name. :slight_smile:

ok thank you! I will make myself familiar with it.

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So are there folders in the new message system?

Yes, there are. Click your avatar in the top, right corner > Click your username > messages. There you’ll find “inbox”, “sent” and “archive”.

No custom folders :neutral_face:

Oh that’s a drag. That’s how I tracked what was due in and out.

Such a pity we can’t save to favorites anymore!

You can bookmark your favourite Topics - to my mind that makes no difference.

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Where are all my emails? They are all gone and I have 0 emails in my inbox. :frowning: Is there a folder where all old emais went to?

All your u2u’s are on the same place as before - in the old forum :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want them safe, you can send them to your email account.
Or you can copy them and send them here to yourself.

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Thanks, Bille, I didn’t know the old forum is still accessible. Everything is totally new here and takes time to figure things out.

There are links on the “hamburger” menu that will lead you to a list of topics you’re currently Tracking or Watching.

Is almost like favorites

I’ve written a little guide about bookmarks and notifications here: Bookmarks and Notification levels

I hope it helps! Let me know if you still have questions about them after reading it – I’m happy to update it so that it is clear and comprehensive.