What's the rarest country you've sent to officially?

This is my list of countries where I sent only one postcard
Bosnien-Herzogowina 2020

Cyprus 2020

Greecestrong text 2018

Iceland 2019

Luxembourg 2020

Macao 2019

Moldova No picture available 2015

New Zealand 2015

Thailand 2017

Two cards I sent to:
Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Soth Korea, Mexico and Philippines

I received only one postcard from this countries:

with lowest ID: Aland Islands AX-6717, Armenia AM-10015, Bahamas BS-1792, Bosnien-Herzogowina BA-7724, Dominican Republic DO-3075


The rarest country I have sent to officially is Uzbekistan.


French Polynesia, hopefully it will arrive. The card only has 11 days left before it will expire. And I just joined Postcrossing in October.


What is considered rare? Here are my countries I only have sent one or two cards to (in more than 5 years of Postcrossing):

Mine are:



Costa Rica



New Caledonia


Tanzania (the rarest one with just 782 cards sent)

All of these countries sent less than 10000 cards so far and Fiji, Martinique, Tanzania and Peru have even sent less than myself (4411 so far).

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Aland Islands / and I’ve only sent 17 cards so far :joy:


Depends on what you call rarest (small country, less users etc.) but for me I’d say it’s South Africa or Philippines :slight_smile: There’s also quite a list I only have sent 1 card to.

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Also: Kazakhstan and Åland islands


I guess my rarest country was a card to Vietnam (at least that’s the country with the lowest ID from the ones I sent to):

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Greece and Israel. I also sent a card to Macao, but it hasn’t arrived yet.
Not that rare.

On the other hand, I’ve never sent a card to France after more than 500 cards sent.


Oh because of the Situation right now it gives me a strange feeling :cry:

Yesterday I sent one to India. :india:

I already sent one to Belarus :belarus: and Kazakhstan :kazakhstan: and received one from Belarus :belarus: as well and one from Cyprus :cyprus:.

My rarest countries are:

Moldova :moldova:

Serbia :serbia:


Armenia :armenia:, Cuba :cuba:, French Guiana :french_guiana:, Ghana :ghana:, Guernsey :guernsey: and Luxembourg :luxembourg:. I also have a card travelling to Greece :greece: at the moment. But I consider all the countries where I send perhaps 1-2 cards per year rare. So this principle would make countries such as Bulgaria :bulgaria:, Estonia :estonia:, Lithuania :lithuania:, Portugal :portugal: or Thailand :thailand: rare for me.


I don’t mean to be a Klugscheißer, but that’s the Bulgarien flag. Belarus is :belarus:



Oh nice . I used to live in Ghana and my husband is ghanaian :heart_eyes:

You are totally right. Whilst posting I already thought that it looks a bit awkward :rofl:

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Happy birthday @Axolotl_ :tada::tada:


I’ve sent twice to Turkey and once to India. Although, I feel as though the card to India doesn’t fully count because the person changed their address mid-way through and so it got automatically registered.
Other than that, I’ve also sent to Estonia, Hungary and Lithuania, which are “rare” for me, at least in comparison to how many cards I’ve sent to the US, Germany, Russia and China.

Unofficially, I just sent last week a card to Algeria! I hope it arrives :smiley:
And my very first received card was from from Tanzania:

At the moment, I didn’t realize how rare that would become, but I was still incredibly excited to received such a beautiful card from a country I, admittedly, did not know much about. I still think about this card often (and still have it).