What's Tausendschön?

Can someone please add the definition of Tausendschön in the dictionary here? I’ve seen it in a few different posts but have no idea what kind of cards it is. Thanks!

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It’s a publisher (full name: Edition Tausendschön) :slight_smile:

Vintage style with glitter. You can see examples here:


It’s a type of postcard printed in Germany, that often has collage like images of like animals, and flowers, but also postcards from cities. They are all very glittery and the edges of the postcard are curly.

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Oh :+1: like Lantern Press in the states! They look lovely :blush:

I didn’t know either, until just recently I bought these, and noticed it says Tausendschön on the back :blush:


I haven’t seen any of those. Are they new?

@AnnScot I have no idea :woman_shrugging:t3: They come up if you google edition tausendschön round :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Maikki!

Wow they really great