What time does WPD start?

Hi folks, can someone remind me please, what time does WPD start? It is your local time or Postcrossing time in terms of when you can draw your addresses to make it count for Oct 1st?

Pretty sure it’s Postcrossing’s time, not my local time, but I can’t quite remember, thanks, Lynn


Your local time will count for it! :slight_smile:


But can I draw an address at 12:01 Postcrossing time and it would count?

As I understood from last year’s discussion it only counts on Oct 01 at your location, not UTC (“Postcrossing time”)

E.g. for me (I live at UTC +1)

I can only receive it from Oct 1, 1 AM (UTC) to Oct 2, 00:59 (UTC)


No, that would not count. It goes by your local time.

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I accept what you’re saying about WPD but it’s confusing because I regularly draw addresses at 12:01 UTC & the cards are always dated that date, not my local time which would be the day the before.


Yes, that’s what meiadeleite wrote in her post. The date will not neccessarily show Oct 1 (depending of ones location), but it will count for the badge :wink:


@LC-Canada , if you’re feeling scientific*, you can just pull one new number at 1-hour increments and see at which point you tip over into WPD :wink:

*and have the time, energy, patience, sufficient stockpiles of caffeine, etc.


Don’t need to do that, lol - it’s either 20:01 our time or 24:01 our time

She really only answers 1/2 of the question though eh? lol

No, it is still UTC+2, because on October 1st the Central European Summer Dtime is still in force.

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Oops, you’re right of course! But doesn’t really matter for the example.


What part is missing?

She tells the date displayed on Postcrossing doesn’t matter for the WPD badge, only local time. If you want that batch, go for local time.

If the displayed date is what matters to you, draw according to UTC time.


So why is this different for WPD than the dating for non-WPD address drawing?

Yes, I can understand that my local date qualifies for WPD, but what I’m asking is can I do what I normally do which is to draw addresses at 12:01 UTC time on Oct 1st which is really 20:01 Sept 30th my time.

I draw most of my addresses for regular cards this way & the date that shows up on the website is always the date I drew it at UTC time, not mine (the day before).

We don’t use timezones in Postcrossing normally, because that way lies madness… but in the first year of World Postcard Day, sooooo many people were confused with the concept of “October 1st in UTC time”, that we decided to make a little exception and expand the time for the badge to also include local timezones. So that means if you draw an address during October 1st either in UTC time or in your own timezone, it’ll count towards the badge.

That said, we would really prefer if people stick to their own timezones and don’t try to knock the server’s socks off by requesting hundreds of addresses at UTC midnight, when we’re supposed to be going to bed… :sweat_smile: So, although you can request addresses in the hours between UTC midnight and your own midnight (and they’ll count for the badge), we would recommend everyone requests addresses on October 1st on their own timezone — it simplifies things, and makes it easier for us to have a good night of sleep. :pray:

I hope that helps to clarify!


Wow, so both count! Great to know (even as it doesn’t matter too much for me as a European)

Thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I’ll happily go to sleep then & when I wake up, WPD will be 1/2 over, lol - I’m bookmarking your reply for next year, when my memory is likely foggy again!


So we in Hawaii have the longest time to draw addresses for WPD. I knew I was lucky to live here. :sunglasses:


Read Anna’s reply.


I’m down here in New Zealand and I want to send my postcards on World Postcrossing Day BUT my Saturday 1st October is one day ahead of the HQ of Postcrossing - do I wait for northern hemisphere’s 1st October or will it be recorded on MY 1st October. Sometimes the rest of the world forget we are a day ahead of them. Would love an answer please