What’s the best way to send a postcard from Cairo?


I’m currently visiting Cairo, Egypt, for a couple of days :grin: I would love to send postcards from here but I have no idea how to do it :sweat: Has anyone been to Cairo and sent a postcard successfully? If so, what’s the best way to do it, from a post office or from the reception at my hotel? And how much does it cost to send a postcard abroad? All information and advices will be really appreciated :blush:

Thank you!


I have send it from the poststation. It was safest, I thought.

@czema Did you end up sending any postcards from Egypt, and have they arrived? :thinking:

Postcrossing doesn’t have a lot of members in Egypt, and the people we’ve seen going there in Travel Mode haven’t had much luck getting postcards out of the country… so I’m curious about your experience.

I would think that going direct to a post office would be the safest way if you are in an unfamiliar country. I’ve had hotel staff try to charge me well more than the going rate and other rip offs. And in some countries there are shady third party operators like Universal Mail masquerading as the official service, who make their money fleecing tourists and not delivering anything or taking many months to do so. These operators can be found at tourist areas, so one should insist on the national postal operator of that country when asking directions.

I’m now in Sharm elSheikh, Egypt, attempting to send a postcard from my home country for the first time in 20 years of sending postcards, and I just found out that, since a couple of months ago, it costs 70 EGP (≅ 3 EUR) to send one card! This is prohibitively expensive. Almost as Sweden. Moreover, it was a tenth of this value until a few months ago. Crazy! I believe this means the end of the local Postcrossers in Egypt, sadly.


I think if you are in Cairo, the postage may be lower, but you can try to ask more Post Offices anywhere, which is a useful way. Based on the experience of one Chinese tourist in her trip to Egypt recently, staff in different Post Offices provided different international postages :joy:65 LE (She got it in Alexandria), 20 LE, and 12 LE (She got last two in Cairo). This situation is similar to Saudi Arabia now, some offer 26 SR, and other just offer 4 SR… It is too crazy!

In Cairo, she could send postcards internationally with 12 LE in a Post Office, near this Post Office in the pic (not this, but really close).

Happy to share my experience about sending postcards from Egypt.

In October I mailed several postcards from a hotel in Hurghada to different countries, nothing has arrived.

In December I first tried a post office in Giza next to the pyramids. I was lucky as one local helped me to interpret all I wanted to say to Arabic. First, the lady from the post office asked 12LE per card, she explained that it was a tariff for the postcard but a letter was 70LE, however, as both cards and letters were sent internationally seldom, even many post workers did not know the tariffs or did not know the difference. So she took my cards to Germany but refused to take a card to Belarus explaining it would not arrive, no reason why. Then she said that even in that touristic place cards were mailed not often and that they didn’t have stamps at the post. However, she took my money and promised to order stamps and send my cards later. I was a bit doubtful but actually my first 3D card was registered today after two weeks only, so I’m super happy.

Some other cards I mailed from Sharm El Sheikh post. They took everything from me, including cards to Belarus and Slovakia, looking forward to see if they will arrive.

Short summary. Sending cards from a hotel doesn’t make sense, there are no mailboxes in the country, post offices are often not close, none from the hotel will go there to mail your postcards. Besides sometimes guys do take the stamps out to use them for their own purposes, that’s also the reason why when sending postcards from the post office it is better to ask a person to cancel your stamps while you are there.


I’m currently in Egypt, and you never have the same rates in several offices: it’s 70 LE in Luxor, 75 LE in Kasr al-Ainy (post office in Cairo) and 80 LE in Attaba office (main post office of Cairo)…

I’m here since a month, and the only letter that arrived was 80 LE mailed from Attaba post office, given directly to the mailman. It’s better to give them directly because the mailboxes are not checked every day, but once a week or even less…

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