What Postcrossers Want

So I don’t mind if people express what their “favorite things” are for postcards. I always read their “about” section to see if I have something that matches them well. I have noticed that some folks are really specific about what they like, and I was online looking for some new postcards today - and I wondered this…
What are the “most asked for” themes and topics, in your experience? I am trying to buy some bulk sets of postcards, so I’m thinking it would be smart to try to get some of the more popular “requests”. So far I’m looking at Black & Whites, Animal Themes, Art.
What do you think would be a popular set to have on hand??


Lots of people like trains, they’re good to have ‘in stock’. Cars and airplanes too.

Historical events/figures.

Art that represents your area.

Space themes.

I’ve run across a few who like lighthouses, faeries, cats (not just blue ones)…

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Don’t forget typical touristy single views. I just scrounged around for some from my local area as I’ve been drawing a few individuals over the last month who express an interest in learning more about where a sender lives.

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Don’t forget that you can still send what you want, those « wishes » are not obligations. :wink:


This :100:

I think shopping (or, overshopping, the way I do it) for postcards is a really fun thing to do. I buy cards that look interesting to me. When I used to travel more, in the before-times, it was the highlight of souvenir shopping.

I try very hard to match the cards I send to the recipient’s likes or wish list, but sometimes it’s not possible. Most times, the recipient still really enjoys the card or what I’ve written (or at least they pretend to with their lovely thank-you messages).

I receive lots of random cards, and I love every single one. I’ve even discovered new artists this way. Personally, it’s the thought of the person who sent it that matters more for me. We’re all here to have fun and share little bits of happiness :smiley:


I always make sure to have some of the following on stock:

  • classic tourist cards (mostly single view, preferably with a place name)
  • illustrated tourist cards
  • vintage tourist cards (real old or reprint)
  • cards showing people (I prefer everyday situations, many prefer traditional costumes or famous people)
  • map cards
  • castles
  • lighthouses
  • means of transport
  • animals
  • landscapes
  • cartoons
  • food
  • art cards

I would also throw flowers in, many people like them. They can also be used to cover the wish for nature.


If I had to make a “top 10” list of themes postcrossers like, I would probably say:

  1. Classic tourist cards
  2. Food from your country
  3. Illustartions
  4. Art cards
  5. Single view cards
  6. Cats
  7. Vintage (black and white) cards
  8. Maps
  9. Seasonal cards
  10. Women
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Most things covered but I would add
National parks
Architecture-castles bridges churches etc
Variety is the main thing. There are some lovely box sets out there but I’ve found they aren’t the most requested… early days maybe.

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Add to your list (a few of each theme) - odd shaped cards, ugly/strange, covid related, recipes.


I really love receiving any card even of its the same as one I’ve already gotten as the message/drawings on the back make it special.

I’ve found that I’ve matched to a few people who like Harry Potter which is great as I have Harry Potter cards.

I’ve also matched to a few people who like cats and dogs. Not so great as I don’t have many of those postcards.

And then transport has been requested quite a few times too.

In my stock I try to have always:

  • UNESCO WHS - tourist cards - landscapes - maps - castles, churches - traffic (cars, trains, planes, boats, bycicles…) - funny (cartoons etc.) - post(crossing) related - Nature (water in all it forms, animals of all kinds, flowers, trees, mushrooms, landscapes, mountains, weather penomens) - lighthouses and windmills - food - art - illustrations - fairy tales - music - special cards (special in form, material or any other way).

But be slow, take your time, you will find out what fits to your stock. Buying postcards is fun (to me and to many other postcrossers) and can become almost an addiction. So I always buy postcards very carefully, trying not to buy more than I need in the medium term.

What I learnt with postcrossing: When you wait long enough, there will be the right recipient for EVERY postcard (ok, in some cases you have to wait VERY long… :smiley:)

I always try to chose a poscard the recipient might probaly like. So sometimes I send a postcard which I would not really like to receive myself, but the repcipient probably likes. But I NEVER send a card which I really hate or find it disgusting (not that thera are many card that I find to be really “unsendable”), but IF a card is of this kind it would give me a bad feeling to send it.


The types of postcards people like to receive is pretty broad. Sometimes, not always, I will look at their favorites; on a couple of occasions, I had the card(s) that they were seeking. But like the other respondents said above, some themes seem to occur often like:

■City Views
■"Greetings From"
■ Skylines & Aerial Views
■ Large-Letter

Concerning Black and White cards, Vintage, Animals, etc., unless the profile expresses interest in these themes, I would avoid them. Many members purchase bulk sets of postcards; other prefer to purchase individual cards by theme. Many members have online stores (including me) that sell postcards. You should check out that section on PostCrossing.

Great list! I’d add humor, such as words/phrases, and Black and White photos.
You could share this with every new Postcrosser!

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Most people like simple view cards of the city/town/village/area of the sender.


Another popular topic that weren’t mentioned here yet is dinosaurs. It’s also a good pick of you’ll get a kid’s profile or something like that. I bought some, sent one of them to a postcrosser who likes dinosaurs, and it got lost and expired. So I can’t tell you how people react to those cards :sweat_smile:

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I had the perception that many people like space theme indeed, an I bought a box about it.

I never drew a profile interested in space again :sweat_smile:

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Many have specific books and movies, like Harry Potter, and even specific character from movies, like Loki from Avengers