What is your favorite postcard box?

I have that one and I don’t dare to send most of them via Postcrossing! Who do you send them to??


Thanks, I actually don’t own that set! But I’m trying to collect most of the Naughty Little People cards and have gotten a couple through direct swaps. Let me know if you’d be interested in swapping!


I also bought this box and was quite shocked at some of the postcards. I think the advertising for them is very understated.

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Women in science - cardbox with drawings by Rachel Ignotofsky,
with a set of cards to keep and the same set of cards to send.
Unfortunately, I have not sent many of them as yet.


I have mixed feelings about this particular box set. For me, it would be something I would send and not keep or receive–probably because I view them more like an educational tool. These would be perfect for students and non-scientists who are interested in science. People have sent me these postcards before, but since I’m a scientist myself and I read about a lot of science history in my spare time, this is more like preaching to the choir.

I was not actually shocked, I wouldn’t be ashamed to send them to someone I know - but for Postcrossing, they’re too risky for me, haha. Also, I think my friends wouldn’t be into them, so I’m sitting here with about half a book I can’t send. ^^


Ooh, the Women in Science cards are a lot of fun to send! They’re pretty and educational, win-win!


I love the Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy 100 Postcards.


Am I the only person who doesn’t like box sets?!
If everyone can buy each boxset themselves anywhere in the world online, then the chances of sending a unique card diminish.
Call me old-fashioned- and I am! - but I want a kangaroo card sent from Australia, not from a box set of world animals I can buy myself on the Internet or sent from Europe or somewhere.
I sent Flower Fairies years ago, but now anyone can buy a boxset…it’s not unique anymore :confused:
That’s my little rant!


Personally I like both. Outside of postcard boxes, I try to only buy cards that are “native”. Of course, the Netherlands are just a small country, so cards from surrounding countries, depending on the subject, are also included in that.

What I like about postcard boxes is the artistry that goes into the design of the cards. The postcard box itself, a sturdy box I can store away. An instant library of 100 cards of the same theme and/or artist.

Back to the original subject of this thread.

Even though I’m not a Star Wars fan, I’ve considered buying it because the artwork looks incredible.

I love receiving cards from this boxset! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is why boxes with two of each cards are brilliant. :wink:

That is the reason I bought my first postcard box, the V&A Pattern box. I still find it hard to send cards from that box. :sweat_smile:

On my wishlist! :heart:

Well, everyone is different :slight_smile: For photo cards I totally agree… and all view cards. But I don’t mind for illustrations or general topics as movies etc.


I will remember that next time when I will send you a card again :grin:

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I get your sentiment, but I look at it this way–if you don’t like box sets, you can always include in your profile that you prefer postcards that are not from box sets. I certainly won’t send certain postcards to people who don’t like them. I also think that we shouldn’t be too hard on people who are unable to obtain postcards in their location and so must order online. It’s not like postcard access is equal in all places.

It also depends on your view of what constitutes “uniqueness”. If a unique postcard is solely based upon what’s depicted on the picture side, then yeah. I do see your point. But for me, the uniqueness actually depends more on what people have written on the other side. And it’s always different, even if they’ve sent a duplicate card otherwise.

The most recent example I can think of is World Postcard Day. Everyone could download the same design and send it out to everyone. If you think it’s the picture of the postcard that counts as uniqueness and not the message, then we might as well not had a World Postcard Day contest for a postcard design and we would have been forced to design different cards ourselves.


It was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek post! I absolutely understand why people buy box sets. It’s easy and more choice. The whole business of collecting and sending postcards has changed from the mid 1970s when I first started collecting! I said I was old-fashioned!
I’m afraid I missed World Postcard Day, so not sure what it entailed.
Everyone has a different approach to their postcrossing - and that’s the beauty of it. But I still won’t send a pyramid, volcano or a Japanese pagoda from the UK.
It must be the 40 years of librarianship - I like everything ordered and tidy. :grinning:


Ooh, I think I received a couple of these recently. Will have to double-check the backs tonight.

I love the Natural Curiosities set.


I will admit, it’s hard for me to infer intent on the internet if there are no facial expressions, sarcasm tags, or even emoticons/emojis to let me know that people are joking. So I tend to take things in rather literally.

I am okay to received card from box/set from any country as long as the card is not about view/culture/tradition or something specific to a country. I am okay with DC Comics card from Japan even though DC is American product. I am okay with Harry Potter card from Germany even though Harry Potter is from UK (but I don’t collect Harry Potter though :blush:) Why? Because people everywhere has connection with DC and Harry Potter. Maybe there are more fans of DC Comics outside USA than in USA itself.
However I totally agree with you, sending a pyramid, volcano or a Japanese pagoda from the UK is a big no. Recently I received view of New York from Spain, the card is from vintage box set.

The sender didn’t even explain to me why she sends the card. Honestly I want to throw away the card :rofl:

I have three boxes of postcards. If it’s to be sent abroad, I’m sure I’d prefer this European and American Postcard. I don’t think you like this kind of animation very much. In fact, I also wanted to buy postcards from the Palace Museum and Van Gogh series. I guess you might like art and architecture.


Actually, most recipients like things most that are from your country! So Europeans and Americans would love to see something typical Chinese. That’s of course not everybody, but I think many people think like this.


Oh, thank you for saying that!
In fact, I want to communicate with more foreign friends. :grinning:
It’s just that I’ve just played postcrossing, and the first postcard I sent out hasn’t been received yet. I’d better wait slowly! :grinning: