What Do You Say On Your Postcards?

Amazing work! I tend to do more copperplate, but I mix it up. If anything my style is based off of copperplate more than others.

I tried my hand at block lettering, but I do much better with cursive. I think it’s the flow. I haven’t practiced for some time, but it’s wonderful when I get back into the flow of things.
Funny enough, all I do is capital block lettering when I normally write (everyday writing), but give me a calligraphy pen or nib, and I can’t quite seem to write at all! What a paradox…

I totally agree - it’s indeed a form of art.


Thank you Roxanna :grinning:

I actually never introduce myself or write something like: I hope you like this card or I couldn’t match you profile. Because I am not that interested in that myself.

I write about what I read in their profile, about my day or my plans. Or what you can see on the card or on the stamps.


I sometimes mention my visit(s) to their country as well. “I have been to Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao. I know there is much more to your country than those cities, so I hope to return again.” “I was in India many years ago. Goa reminded me a lot of Hawaii.” You get the idea …


I almost always recommend to them my favorite movie + song :stuck_out_tongue:
little bit of my favorite media propaganda here and there… :shushing_face:

As with many others, what I write depends on a number of things, mostly their profile, the postcard I chose and my mood. I never use the monthly writing prompt because often I don’t find them inspiring (if they apply to me at all), but I may use a prompt in someone’s profile, if I have something to say about it. Depending on the card I may explain something about the motive (e.g. what is special about this building? What is my connection to this town?), but of course a cute kitten doesn’t need much explaining. :wink:
I might also talk about something we have in common. Does the recipient read? Then I can write about my favorite authors or what book I’m reading right now. Are they a sport fan? Then I can write about my favorite sports or what events I’m currently following or looking forward to. Things like that.

If I don’t find a common interest or the profile is just a shopping list, I might just write about where I’m from, what my hobbies are, the weather… I make a point of filling the entire message side, but I don’t always have the inspiration for something unique. :wink:


I write the greeting and introduce myself, age and work for opening, and explain some guides/trivia about the picture in the postcard.

My special writing:

  • If I send to any countries for the first time, I’ll say that it’s my first postcard I send to your countries.
  • If I’m interested in some countries (I’ve visited or plan to visit, or have some moments with e.g. favorite star/past events, etc.) , I’ll write about them in the postcard.
  • If I send from abroad (outside Thailand), I’ll tell about the trip or the places I’ve visited on that trip.
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I am sending out my first postcard. What do I write on it? (Besides the ID number)


I only started a couple months ago but I usually look at the recipients profile / bio and write about something they are interested in, if I can. Or maybe write about what is on the postcard you are sending.

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You can also take inspiration from monthly prompt
This month prompt: May Writing Prompt: The food you always keep in your fridge


Write about anything that has happened to you lately, if someone asks for you to write or not to write something take their suggestions into account. Ive even just drawn a doodle on the backs of cards! As long as you are nice and put a pinch of thought and effort, most people will be happy!


Welcome to Postcrossing & the Forum Leeann!

You can write about anything you want: something about the card you like, why you chose it - anything about yourself, your interests & hobbies, your job - your favourite books, movies/TV, music - anything about your city, state, country - places you like to visit.

Do you have any common interests with the person you’re sending the card to? Have you visited their country before? Do you want to in the future?

Have fun with it! Enjoy!

Lots of ideas over here:


Hi Leeann,
Welcome to the wonderful world of post’x’ing. Reading the profile of your receiver may help you or there’s the writing prompts on the main page of post’x’ing, you can pick up an idea from there.
I’m sure with a few exchanges you won’t have to worry about it anymore. :grinning:
Keep writing, keep sharing.

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Hello LeeannM,

Welcome here!!!
If you ever “pull” my address I’d love it if you wrote a little story about yourself.
What area do you live in, what do you do, what do you like etc.

But yes, that’s me…



Welcome to Postcrossing! I appreciate it when someone tells me on the card that it’s their first card sent and/or they’re new to Postcrossing.
Since the recipient can’t see your profile until after the card is registered and they’ve already sent the Hurray message, they won’t know what your profile says beforehand, unless you include your profile name on your card too.
For example, if I drew your name for a card, I’d read your profile, and I might mention my mom was born and raised in Fall River, and that I grew up in Connecticut. I almost always mention the weather or my cat, because those are part of my daily life. I might write something about the city or region I live in, and what it’s known for etc.
Have fun!


Here’s another link for tips too :slight_smile:


I often write about the place where I got the postcard - so if it’s a view of a museum in Washington DC, I’ll write about the museum and what kind of exhibits they have or what I did in DC the day I visited that museum.
If it’s not a viewcard, I often write about what the postcard makes me think about. Like if it’s an illustration of the beach, I’ll talk about the beach or the last time I went and what I did there.


Mine’s a bit varied

  • most of the time I’ll explain what’s on the card, with my experience if available
  • When the profile (drawing official address) states a question, I’ll tend to answer that
  • sometimes I may even explain about the stamp if I have extra writing space. I find the variety of stamps here a lot more interesting than postcards. The latest FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) stamp for instance could be explained to a person who likes wild animals
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I print 3 to a page (A4) and attach them to the back of a poscard, usually glue stick,
I update the message as needed, 3-4 months.


Do you change the message by each receiver or same goes to all peole until you create new message??

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